Lifestyle's guest editor, Neale Whitaker

Neale Whitaker's editor's letter

2 minute read

Our special guest editor Neale Whitaker reveals secrets from the new series, the power of a renovation and what he really thinks of co-host, Andrew Winter.

How to style your coffee table like an interior designer

4 minute read

We’ve all seen those picture-perfect coffee tables or desks while scrolling through social media and wondered how to get your stack of books and plants looking just ‘so’.

How to add character to a new build

2 minute read

We can’t all afford to buy a character-filled terrace built in the mid-19th century and full of period features, so project homes are a great option for those of us looking for a practical and affordable alternative. To counteract their tendency to look a

2019 bathroom trends

1 minute read

Practicality usually wins out over design when it comes to bathrooms, but if you are in the market to renovate, here's a look at the latest trends...

How to use colour in your home to stay on trend

2 minute read

Decorating your home with bold colours doesn't have to be such a risky choice. Neale Whitaker shares his design tricks for getting clever with colour without breaking the bank.

How to make a rental property feel like home

2 minute read

How can you make your rental feel like your own while still abiding by the strict rules some properties impose? Neale Whitaker shares his tips to help you leave a (non-permanent) personal mark on your home, inside and out.

How to use lighting to create the illusion of space

2 minute read

When renovating or updating your space, pay special attention to your lighting needs. Careful planning and consideration has to be given to lighting. It has the ability to transform your space, making your area feel brighter and bigger. Not only is it wit

Trend vs. timeless: Which is best for your space?

3 minute read

Neale Whitaker shares his advice to ensure your home stays looking chic in the decade ahead.

How to use tiles creatively in your home

2 minute read

The days of selecting one or two matching tiles in the bathroom are over. Now it’s all about embracing variation and being creative with texture and patterns.

How to keep your splashback on trend

1 minute read

Find out how modernise your kitchen by updating your splashback.