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Take Our Post-Valentine's Day Relationship Test

Take Our Post-Valentine's Day Relationship Test

Follow psychology expert Dr Mary Casey's relationship checklist to discover potential cracks and easy solutions to fix them.

How to Exorcise the Exes

3 minute read

Tempted to get back with your ex? Be inspired by new movie What's Your Number with our guide to weeding out the good from the bad.

How to Revamp Your Man’s Grooming Habits

3 minute read

Want to help your mate step up his shaving and hair routines ... without wrecking your romance?

Top Dating Tips from Professional Matchmakers!

4 minute read

Follow this exclusive and pricelss advise from the romance experts.

Time to Let Go of Lost Love

2 minute read

Now is the ideal time to cry over your ex, to feel the pain, to let it come up to the surface and then to let it go.

Top 5 Mistakes Women Make When Dating

1 minute read

Hot date lined up? Be sure to avoid these common dating No-nos!

Do Women Prefer Clean Shaven or Stubbly Men?

2 minute read

Single men of Australia - the message is clear. Lose the facial hair to win the girl!

Gwyneth Paltrow confirms her engagement to Brad Falchuk

3 minute read

The entrepreneur and actress has revealed she is consciously coupling with producer Brad Falchuk, saying they feel 'incredibly lucky'.

The new dating terms you should know for finding love in 2020

2 minute read

In the 21st century, the language of love is ever-changing. Here is a list of the new words entering the modern dating lexicon in 2020.