Living Rooms

How To Feature Alternative Art
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How To Feature Alternative Art

Think outside the box! Interior Architect Yasmine Ghoniem shares her experts tips on hanging things other than traditional paintings or photographs in your home.

Collette Dinnigan Turns Her Attention to Interior Design

The fashion designer is bringing new style to homes in Sydney.

How to Style a Coffee Table Like a Pro

The coffee table is such a part of our comfort zone that we often forget what a beautiful piece - and display - it can provide in its own right. Follow these expert tips to make this much-loved piece of furniture look spectacular, as opposed to a home for random items.

Renovating Living Spaces

It’s where you entertain, relax and spend time the most time with your loved ones – so it makes sense to give your living areas some extra special attention when renovating!

Clean Fingerprints on TV screen

Fingerprints on the TV or computer screen are pretty annoying, but Shannon Lush has a quick tip to clean them away.

Clean a Dirty Faux Suede Couch

Shannon Lush reveals how to clean a dirty faux suede couch.

Clean a Dirty Fireplace

Here's how to clean one of the cosiest places in the house.

Stained Leather Lounge

Shannon Lush shares her method for naturally cleaning and polishing a stained leather lounge.

Cleaning Pen Marks on Upholstery

Shannon Lush shares a handy hint on how to remove pen marks on upholstery.

Shabby Chic Antiques

Long for a shabby, chic haven to call your own? We've got your DIY plan right here.

Picking the Perfect Sofa

The sofa is to the living room what a pair of jeans is to the fashion world. Here's how to make sense of all the different styles, sizes and configurations.