Daylight Saving Home Tips

Daylight Saving Home Tips

Now is the perfct time to get a cheaper energy bill.

How Sustainable Is Your Street?

2 minute read

Is your street the most sustainable in Australia?

Home Lighting Tips With Rachel Luchetti

1 minute read

Create great atmosphere in a room with clever lighting. Always make interesting lighting a priority when redesigning a room.

Save Energy In Winter

2 minute read

How to keep your energy bill down in the cooler months.

DIY Interior Light

7 minute read

You can add a special atmosphere to every room, even using artificial light.

Lighting tips for living rooms and dining rooms

3 minute read

Light your home beautifully with our expert decorating tricks and tips

Kitchen lighting tips

2 minute read

Combine task and ambient lighting to create a space that's as practical as it is stylish

Home office lighting tips

2 minute read

Make the lighting in your study work hard with our essential guide from Philips.

Bedroom lighting tips

2 minute read

Brighten up your boudoir with these top lighting ideas from Philips.

Bathroom lighting tips

2 minute read

How to choose the perfect bathroom lighting for your style and needs

Children's room lighting tips

2 minute read

Create a space your kids will love with these top lighting tips