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How To Choose the Right Lighting
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How To Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting is such an important and integral part to any design but it’s often neglected. Follow these expert tips to choose and use the right lighting for your home!

Where To Place Lights In Your Home

By Shaynna BlazeOn 7 Jul

Shaynna's best tips for placing your lights in the right part of your home.

Which Lighting Is Best For Your Home?

By Shaynna BlazeOn 7 Jul

Shaynna Blaze has the best tips for creating great lighting.

How to Light Every Room in Your Home

The right lighting can completely transform the look and feel of your home. It can make it more inviting, functional, comfortable and add value. Bunnings has some great advice and ideas to help you light every room in the house.

Light Up Your Home in 2014

Find out more about 2014's hottest lighting trends before doing renovations on your home in the new year.

Trash to Treasure: Crafty ways to Light up Your Garden

As spring approaches, you'll find that you're spending more time outdoors. Showcase your best outdoor features with these fantastic lighting and garden design ideas to impress your guests.

Smart Ways To Slash Your Energy Bill

Get some top tips on using energy more efficiently which can help save money on home energy bills.

10 Tips For Safe Christmas Lighting

Don't let an electrical hazard spoil your festive cheer

How To Hang Your Outdoor Christmas Lights

It's that time of year again, so get out your baubles, trinkets and charms to make a fun and festive house this Christmas.

Children's room lighting tips

Create a space your kids will love with these top lighting tips

Bathroom lighting tips

How to choose the perfect bathroom lighting for your style and needs