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Libby Babet

Fitness Expert

Libby is a Health & Fitness specialist who loves helping people build an active lifestyle and healthy attitude

Libby is a Health & Fitness specialist who loves helping people build an active lifestyle and healthy attitude.

About Libby Babet

Libby is a specialist in Health and Fitness and the founder of two fitness businesses, AGOGA and Bottoms Up! Fitness. She's just launched her own online fitness program - - and is about to launch her own range of meat based protein bars -

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Faster Metabolism  

Hello Libby, I think your such a professional expert in fitness. I love the idea and website of Bottoms Up and I will be recommending that site to many people I know who live around the north shore in...

weight loss  

Hello. I'm currently taking steps to get my weight and general well being back on track. I have liteneasy for all my meals seven days a week and 1200 calories. I walk my dog for 45 minutes twi...

What program I need to do  

I own a "YorkT 500 " I was wondering what program setting should I do if I want to lose weight on my stomach by using this machine. I am 68 yrs old. ...

Boost Your Energy With Exercise

Being active doesn't have to be tiring! Follow these simple tricks to boost your energy with exercise.

Why Cardio Is So Important

When it comes to your cardio health, it really is a ‘use it or lose it’ scenario. Here are Libby's 5 favourite cardio workouts, plus her favourite apps to help you get your cardio fix!

Learn To Love Healthy Foods

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to give up your favourite naughty foods? It turns out habit has a huge influence on what you eat – the good stuff and the bad.

The Health Benefits of Proper Hydration

Your body needs water like your heart needs love. Every day, without fail, you’ve got to prioritise it and keep your quota topped up!

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