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How to safeguard yourself against dodgy tradesmen
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How to safeguard yourself against dodgy tradesmen

Just because your chosen tradie looks like the real deal, it doesn’t mean they always are.

Shaynna Blaze's editor's letter

1 minute read

Shaynna Blaze takes over as our latest guest editor.

The top design trends for 2019

4 minute read

Talk us through the the trends to look out for in 2019

Neale's tips for renovating your kitchen on a budget

2 minute read

People often ask me about what I think the average cost of a kitchen renovation is... but it's not quite that simple! It's like asking, 'How long is a piece of string?', home renovation all depends on size and quality.

Supplier list: Tea Tree Gully, SA

1 minute read

Check out the full list of suppliers from the Tea Tree Gully house, featured in episode six of Love It Or List It Australia series 2.

5 ways to update your kitchen for under $1000

3 minute read

With a kitchen renovation costing anywhere between $15,0000 to $50,0000, the dream of a full-fledged reno doesn’t come cheap. Still, there are ways to work with what you’ve got.

From Pinterest to pantry: The most beautifully organised kitchen in Australia

2 minute read

Australian woman Iryna Federico is finding fame for her perfectly decorated pantry.

How to rearrange your kitchen bench tops for maximum space

1 minute read

Shaynna Blaze reveals how to make your kitchen more spacious by simply rearranging your work surfaces.

Flat packs: Make over your kitchen on a budget

1 minute read

Shaynna Blaze explains the benefits of a flat pack kitchen if you're on a tight reno budget.

Simple design tips to transform your kitchen

1 minute read

From hidden bins to integrated power sockets, Shaynna Blaze has simple tips to give your kitchen that designer feel.

How to Set up a Kitchen Work Triangle

1 minute read

Shaynna Blaze shares her expert tips to help you set up your kitchen space.