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    Help im turning into a mental case!!! 

    Hello! I broke up from a bad relationship at the beginning of the year. In that relationship I was made to feel like I needed to look a certain way and be a certain person - for e.g. he voiced to me that anymore than a 10kg weight gain would result in him leaving me because he couldnt love "a fat girl". So now I have just started seeing this amazing man and I am having past relationship issues - I cannot stop thinking negative thoughts about myself and feel I am not worthy enough of his love. He does and says all the perfect things and I still cannot get over my insecurities. I am so scared he will leave me - help!!! How do I stop all this mental hoo-ha and just enjoy the lovely man I have now before I push him away???

    husband chatting on dating sites 

    My husband of 25yrs has put profile's on 3 different affair dating sites seeking girls for sex etc ,i just dont understand why he wont give me a answer why,we have busy lifes both working full time and a 4 yr old grandson who we have sole custory of.I alwAys wanting to make love but not him and then to find out he wants sex from other women threw me for a loop.

    sex and libido 

    I am turning 36 in 2 months and have had 5 children, aged from 18-1 yrs old. I have completely lost all libido. I am eating way too mush sugar(2 ltrs ice cream in 1 sitting). I have lost quite a bit of weight but have the flabby skin left. My husband has cheated due to not getting sex and I am at my wits end with this. I have no Idea what to do. If you can please give me any advice or even what steps to take to find help, I'm eternally grateful. Sincerely, Numb Mum


    hi, i need help!!!! after havin my 4th child i no lnger hav a sex drive. wat can i do to get it back? and make my partner happy


    Hi Jackie I am 50yrs old and have been div or many years now and I also have two younger children 13 & 11 (one who has special needs). What I want to know is why does my lobido get higher as I get older, it doesnt seem to lessen as time goes on. Not being in a relationship makes this real hard. I have been told that I am not going thru menopause. Wld like you advice on this Many thanks Rozz

    Sex on my mind 

    Hi I am 26 years old and my partner is 39 years old. I always want to have sex at least 3 or 4 times a week but my partner only wants to do it only once maximum. Is there something wrong with me why I am always feeling this way? Thanks


    I have always had a low low low labido. To the point I could do without sex. My husband has a very high labido and wants sex every night he's home, usually 3-4 nights a week. What do I do to increase my labido. It's a major arguing point for us. Please help.

    I just want to hang out!! 

    I met this guy at a friends birthday and he is the most interesting person I have ever met. our meeting was really intense and so was our night in his bed. I asked him to hang out and he seemed to freak out on the spot and say how he doesn't want someone right now cause he recently broke up with someone two months ago. I simply want to hang out and I think in his mind he sees that as something more but I just feel like I have to tip toe around his feelings so he doesn't freak out on me and think I want something more when I really don't, even though I have said that to him, I can tell he doesn't believe me. Its very frustrating!

    lost libido 

    Hi. After having my first child I went on the pill and completely lost my libido. After having my second child I tried depo shots but I still have no libido and I'm constantly on my period can you suggest anything to help I am due to have another shot soon And would like to know what choices I have for contraception.

    What is the best thing to do now?  

    Hi, I have been meeting this guy for 2 months, knew him before that of course. I've been feeling this chemistry between us and he told me twice that he likes me, treats me like how a boyfriend would treat a girlfriend and things like that. Though we both know we like each other, he seems to have some doubts about continuing to be couple officially. He fears that we won't last long, age gap too big (5 years), and that we're too rushing about it. I told him that we won't know until we try but he said he needs time to think about it. So currently I'm giving him time to think about it. I've already asked him twice about this. All I want to know is how to make him overcome these fears and doubts that he have and just try it out with me? Since personally, I think we don't have problem at all so far... Thank you for your help.

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