Your perfect New Year's resolution according to your starsign


If you're anything like us, New Year's resolutions are usually a distant memory by the time Easter rolls around. But maybe it's not so much our willpower that's a problem (ok, maybe a little bit) rather the kind of promises we make to ourselves that are fundamentally flawed.

Choosing a resolution that will not only be fun but truly enrich your life (rather than feel like a deprivation) is the key to forming new habits.

We looked to the stars to see what kind of resolution will feed your soul in 2020, and the good news is, none of them involve going on a diet! Happy new year!

ARIES - play to win

You’re a natural born leader with a drive to initiate, activate and above all else, win! Tailoring your resolution around competition will help keep you on track well beyond the third week of January. Join a mixed netball team, sign up for an 8-week fitness challenge at your gym or find a social tennis draw. Want to boost your general knowledge? Put together a group for your local pub’s weekly trivia night – you’d be surprised how much you’ll learn! Anything that taps into your competitive streak will help keep you stay motivated.

TAURUS - start planning a new project


You’re a lady after our own heart. You enjoy the finer things in life – food, wine, music, art. You definitely won’t persevere with something unless it really resonates so don’t waste your time pursuing something that doesn’t make your heart skip a beat. Tap into your creative nouse by planning a refresh or renovation for your home, researching a holiday or designing your own accessories or jewellery. Even if you don’t realise your dreams until 2020, the simple act of dreaming and adding to your Pinterest will take you to your happy place.

GEMINI - commit to a journalling practice

Communication and learning lights you up but your million-miles-a-minute mind can leave you feeling burnt out. Consider taking up free-writing or journalling, just sit down with a pen and paper and see what comes out. The hardest part is starting. Writing three pages every morning before you start your day is a form of creative meditation. You’ll be surprised at how therapeutic it can be.

CANCER - go back to your roots

The big-hearted crab just can’t help but care for other people. If you’ve got the emotional bandwidth, volunteering or doing charity work will soothe your soul. Too busy or burnt out to lend a hand? Consider learning more about your family tree. Cancerians love nostalgia (and family!) and learning more about your roots, either online or by chatting to your parents, grandparents and extended family will help you reconnect with yourself and nourish your own sense of identity. 

LEO - broadcast yourself

Tap into your natural-born creativity by starting an Instagram devoted to one of your passions – interiors, fashion, beauty, travel – whatever floats your boat. A creative new year’s resolution that puts you front and centre will feel exciting and fresh. If you’re really feeling that lioness courage, create your own YouTube channel and start vlogging about your passions. You can keep it private until you feel ready to share your perspective with the world.

VIRGO - find someone who needs your help

The highest vibration of this lovely earth sign is service, not tidiness as some astrologer would have you believe. The desire to help others is in your cosmic genes, so finding an outlet for this natural compassion will provide a deep sense of satisfaction. Consider becoming a temporary carer for pets from the local animal shelter. You’ll get all the feel-good buzz of nurturing something without the long-term commitment of getting a new pet. No room at the inn? Look into becoming a mentor at work or coaching a local sports team. Watching your proteges grow and flourish will make you feel fulfilled on every level.

LIBRA - start a new social ritual

You’re happiest around other people, and love the back and forth of good banter. Relating and appreciating the human condition is your MO. Whether it’s through one-on-one relationships or on a broader scale, you’re fascinated by deepening your understanding of others. Make the most of your natural wit and charm by starting a monthly dinner party club. Get your friends together and rotate around each other’s houses each month. Make it more fun and get the conversation flowing by choosing a theme – maybe each menu is based around a different decade or a different film or album.

SCORPIO - hone your analytical skills

You’re the forensic investigator of the zodiac, always on a mission to find out the truth. You’re not interested in surface-level chit-chat, you want to know what’s really going on under the surface. Quench your thirst for understanding by enrolling in an online course that utilises analytical super-powers with your passions. Love health and wellness? Consider learning more about nutrition. Fascinated by the sky? Enrol in an astrology course. Diagnosis is a natural born talent so any kind of study that uses your analytical skills will be a sweet escape. 

SAGITTARIUS - explore another culture

Sagittarians live for travel, knowledge and anything that broadens their horizon so delving deep into another culture will feel fantastic. Take up a foreign language and really immerse yourself in another culture; it will feed your passion for exploring faraway lands, even when your bank balance won’t afford you a big OS trip. If you have the time, opt for a group class rather than a DIY app, you love to be around other people and the opportunity to participate in a group setting will feel far more fulfiling than autonomously teaching yourself on your phone.

CAPRICORN - master a new skill 

The patient, determined achiever of the zodiac, you’ll chip away at a long-term goal until you’ve nailed it. Achievement is your greatest joy but that does not mean your resolution should be work-related. Instead, put that gritty determination to work by learning a new skill. Try a ceramics class, enrol in a cooking course or treat yourself to music lessons online (we love It doesn’t matter if you never intend to perform, anything that takes time and patience to master will hit the spot. You’ll enjoy the challenge and stick with it long past the first term of 2020.

AQUARIUS - find your tribe

The very idea of a new years resolution might not be your jam – why commit to something when everyone else is doing it (you are a rebel after all). But if you do feel so inclined, look into starting a new group activity. Aquarians love to feel part of a collective. You're happiest when you're around your kind of people sharing ideas and expanding your horizon. Start a book club with a focus on stories that tie into your interests. If your friends don't share your passions consider joining an online community like a Facebook group or volunteering to assist a charity close to your heart. Connecting with others who share your perspective and passion will make you feel alive. 

PISCES - make space for yourself

Pisces people radiate compassion and generosity but you can fall into the trap of giving too much. Make 2020 the year you make time for yourself and commit to diving deep into a new interest that will nourish your soul. Meditation or yin yoga will restore you and help you disconnect from the chaos of everyday life. Any slow, meditative pursuit that helps you reconnect with your inner self will feel like heaven and is absolutely essential for your emotional wellbeing.

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