Your perfect fragrance according to the stars

Have you ever wondered what scent matches your star sign?

From spices to florals and beyond, we have matched each sign with the essences they are most likely to adore.


Black pepper is a scent that gets fiery Aries cracking! The spicy smell of black pepper will jump start this hot blooded ram into starting new and inventive projects at top speed.

Recommended scent: Revolution, RRP $299, Cire Trudon


Ruled by Venus, earthy Taurus prefers floral scents, like the flower of Venus herself. The rose, either wild or the carefully tended garden variety is perfect. The gentle, refined scent of roses has a calming effect on the haughty bull.

Recommended scent: Rrose, RRP $146, Ellis Brooklyn


Citrus scents are often used to soothe communication mishaps and promote good vibes, which is why Geminis love grapefruit, orange, or lemon scents to pacify their Mercurial need for, sometimes, over-communicating.

Recommended scent: Bergamote 22, RRP $396, Le Labo


Lily is the flower of nurturing Cancer. The crab likes the soft and light smell lilies have, as they do not overwhelm their senses, but serve as a gentle nurturing fragrance. Freshly baked bread is another homebody favorite.

Recommended scent: Lily EDP, RRP $139, Comme Des Garçons


Lions love all things golden and bright, as they are children of the sun. The smell of sunflowers, juicy mangoes and raw golden honey on a summer day radiates happiness and health.

Recommended scent: Sunny side up, RRP $199, Juliette has a gun


Simplicity is key, and nothing is simpler than soft powdery scents, which represents Virgo’s cheeky, coquettish and innocent attitude. They also love flowers like hydrangeas and daisies.

Recommended scent: Narciso Poudree, RRP $95, Narciso Rodriguez


Florals, fruits and almonds or sesame blended together create a sweet, classy, and elegant aroma that lovely Librans can enjoy with a glass of champagne by their side.

Recommended scent: Love Relentlessly, RRP $130, Tory Burch


Scorpions love leathery and smokey scents as they remind them of their naughty and darker sensibilities. These scents are the most primitive and naturally seductive essences.

Recommended scent: Karma Perfume, RRP $49.95, Lush


Exotic spices from all around the world such as long pepper, saffron and turmeric (to name a few) seduce the nostrils of the globe-trotting archer, as the spicy and exotic notes excite their worldly palate.

Recommended scent: Black Opium, RRP $90, Yves Saint Laurent 


Cassis and blackcurrant activates the Capricorn’s innate good-naturedness. This sweet fruit represents the sea-goats nature by coming on strong and straight to the point, but being surprisingly sweet and soft on the tongue and to inhale.

Recommended scent: Si Eau de Parfum Intense, RRP $110, Giorgio Armani


Sweet, musky and intense patchouli arouses the humanitarian cup-bearer’s sociable and interactive nature. They want to connect and learn about others and musks invite them in deeper than they would first hope to go.

Recommended scent: La Vie Est Belle L'Eau de Toilette, RRP $150, Lancome


The smell of the sea air is the scent that warms the Piscean soul. The fish feel at home soaking in the misty essence of the salty ocean air. They may also love the sweet scent of coconuts for their tropical aroma.

Recommended scent: Coconut Body Mist, RRP $18, The Body Shop

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