The best jewellery for your star sign

Whether you’re a feisty Scorpio or an ambitious Aries, channel the powers that align with a bit of bling.

We all know our star signs, but do we really get the most out of them? Jeweller Fairina Cheng knows how to feel more connected to our signs by designing a personalised range of jewels specifically unique to each star sign. Everything from the four elements to personality traits has been considered in the curation of this range, so get shopping!


Aquarians are known for being introspective, innovative and individual. They’re often confident in their decision making and most likely will buy jewellery for themselves. Turquoise is the Aquarius colour, boasting spirit and flair. “Choose bold, untraditional rings with vivid teal gems like turquoise, tourmaline or even parti-coloured Australian sapphires, which can feature a mix of blues, greens and yellows in the one stone.” 

Signature piece: Custom Hexagon Anti-Halo ring in Australian parti-sapphire, diamonds, rose and white gold


Pisces’ are all about love, romance and compassion so you couldn’t ask for a better sign to gift jewellery to. Being a water element, Fairina recommends opting for cooler tones likes aquamarine and silver. If you want to incorporate the sign’s symbol of two fish, Fairina has designed a ring with a subtle nod to the sign’s omen. “It looks like a simple ring from the top, but from the side, it turns into a little fish with a subtle tail and a diamond eye.” 

Signature piece: Custom fish ring in green tourmaline and white gold


The Aries symbol is a ram representing strength and courage. They are the warriors of the zodiac, so forget anything dainty. “Try bold, statement pieces in geometric shapes and contrasting colours,” says Fairina. The designer has meticulously crafted a piece for the valiant Aries, completed with the help of a 3D printer to encompass the power. Fairina describes it as, “An attention-grabbing ring for those who like to command the room.” 

Signature piece: Negative/Positive ring


Taureans are known for liking the finer things in life, so it's fitting that their jewel is one of the most prestigious and beautiful precious stones in the family - the sapphire. "Because of their unique range of colours, shapes and sizes, sapphires are the perfect choice for personalised, bespoke jewellery, just the way Taureans like it!" 

Signature piece: Custom Ceylon sapphire, diamond and white gold ring



Deriving from the Latin word meaning "twins", Gemini's are known for having two sides to their personality. Always in two minds but as one body, the sign represents a harmonious pairing of two natures in one. With this in mind, Fairina explains the inspiration behind the design. "Choose a ring with a pair of gemstones to represent the similar but sometimes opposing pair." 

Signature piece: Custom amethyst, tourmaline and sterling silver ring


Whilst Cancerians are known to be tough, they've also got a soft side and like to take things in small doses. With that in consideration, big, bold statement pieces aren't really their thing. Opt for something striking yet natural, just like the Cancerian. As Fairina says, "Choose low profile, low key pieces that transition seamlessly from a café date to a quiet night in with friends, like an interesting pair of sterling silver studs."

Signature piece: Negative/Positive mini studs


Our Leo's like to be front and centre - bold and extroverted, they don't do things small. They love to be admired and live for beautiful things, so it's no wonder why their signature gem is a show-stopper. Rich amethyst and bold designs are made for Leos. Fairina recommends, " Accessorise with bold statement rings in royal colours like deep purple amethyst or London blue topaz.” 

Signature piece: Amethyst angle ring


Virgos are natural healers and have a strong sense of nurture. They tend to warm towards organic materials, rustic finishes and earthy tones. "This makes them perfect for jewellery with a natural finish and that's kind to the earth," says Fairina. Opt for refined pieces from repurposed materials to match Virgos soft side. 

Signature piece: V granule necklace


Librans are all about the luxurious lifestyle, surrounding themselves with pretty, polished pieces. As the symbol of scales, Librans will balance their purchase with high-quality materials with a dainty design. As Fairina explains, "As an Air sign, light, minimalist pieces in feminine colours like rose gold and lilac are perfection." 

Signature piece: Light amethyst full circle bracelet


Full of fire, Scorpios have a strong sense of power and know who they are. Known for being dark, sexy and mysterious, go for something that reflects their nature. "Choose dark burgundy jewels like rhodolite garnet or pieces featuring deep and mysterious black diamonds," Fairina says. "Strong lines and geometric forms are also a good way to create bold jewels for those who dare to be different." 

Signature piece: Custom black diamond, rose gold and white gold engagement ring


Known for being fun and free-spirited, Sagi's have an attitude for adventure and travel. As a fire sign, they are driven by passion and are forever looking ahead at the next chapter. While warm coloured jewels are apt for the fire element, Fairina has created a design fit for the busy lifestyle of the Sagittarius inspired by travelling the world.

Signature piece: Paper plane earrings


As Earth elements, Capricorns are grounded, disciplined and ambitious. Once they set their mind to something, there's no stopping them. To match with their inner-strength, Fairina recommends going for simple yet statement. "Rubies, one of the Big Four of traditional precious gemstones are the perfect fit. Go for something simple and striking like a minimalist ruby bracelet."

Signature piece: Created ruby full circle bracelet 

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