Starsign Crystals!

Astrologer Michele Finey,, talks through the healing powers of crystals and how each stone is married to a particular sign of the zodiac.

Ruby, Garnet

The energy of Ruby is intense and vivid. Rubies are associated with leadership and royalty and they enhance our ability to be decisive. The ruby heightens our love for life, brings confidence, motivation and inspiration. Rubies stimulate the heart chakra and help one to follow one’s passions. Rubies are known to bring physical courage and can be used to detoxify, cleanse to the blood, treat fever and promote effective circulation. Rubies can also enhance material prosperity. The Ruby has long symbolised love and passion.

Garnet is thought to warn of approaching danger and was once carried as a protective talisman. Garnet prolongs sexual prowess, removes inhibitions and enhances self-confidence. Garnet brings success in business activities and speeds up the metabolism.

Emerald, Jade

The emerald is the main gemstone we associate with Taurus, largely because of its glorious green colour. Emeralds imbue abundance and fertility. The emerald is a stone of material prosperity and also encourages memory, faithfulness, and communication. It is a stone of sensuality, love, romance and beauty, which is in keeping with the nature of Taurus and its ruling planet Venus. The emerald is known for its capacity to enhance memory and patience and when used in healing, has a detoxifying effect. It aids recovery and has been used as an antidote to poisons and can help to heal malignant conditions.

Jade has been used in the East as a sacred stone for centuries. It is said to bring serenity, wisdom and balance in all things. It is associated with both quality and luxury. Jade facilitates a peaceful energy and is thought to bring harmony to one’s environment by removing negativity. This gemstone is the ultimate symbol of calmness, balance and serenity. It is a stone of healing too. It is thought that Jade alleviates anxiety and fear while helping us to recogniseour intrinsic spirituality. For almost a thousand years, Jade has been worshipped for its life-extending powers; it is believed to bring a long, prosperous and fruitful life.

Citrine, Topaz

The Citrine does not hold negative energy, but transforms it. It diminishes self-destructive tendencies and brings about inner calmness. It is light-hearted and cheerful, bringing happiness, joy and optimism into one’s life. Citrine will open the mind to new and positive thoughts, new experiences and it enhances self-esteem. This stone was used during the Middle Ages to treat people with mood disorders. Citrine also encourages creative self-expression and is invigorating on a physical level.

There are many different varieties of Topaz. This gem promotes creativity and helps to clarify one’s thoughts and helps with decision-making. It also promotes the expression of ideas. Topaz can help to develop faith and belief, leading to a more enlightened state and has traditionally been known as a stone of love, trust, success and artistic expression. Topaz promotes success and good fortune by enhancing creativity and self-confidence. It inspires faith in the universe and promotes forgiveness. Physically, Topaz aids digestion and stimulates the metabolism.

Pearl, Moonstone

Moonstone is introspective, reflective, and named for the Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer. Moonstone helps balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual elements of life. It is also said to calm the emotions and enhance intuition while creating a peaceful energy around the wearer. Moonstone represents the great Mother Goddess and symbolises all aspects of the feminine. This stone is said to facilitate the soothing release of emotions in both men and women and to balance female hormonal activity, in particular during menstruation and pregnancy. Moonstone is an excellent choice to create a soothing ambience during times of stress and can be used to calm hyperactivity in children. On a physical level it assists with fluid retention, PMS, and reproductive disorders.

The Pearl signifies faith, charity and innocence and can be used to enhance personal integrity. The pearl is known for its qualities of sincerity, purity and honesty. The soft glowing aura of the pearl reminds us of the gentle power of the lunar forces. Pearls are formed inside the humble oyster, a creature whose life cycle is governed by the phases of the Moon. Pearls lift the spirits and make one feel calm and serene.

Diamond, Tiger’s Eye

Diamonds are associated with luxury and purity. They enhance personal status, fame and artistic expression. Diamonds have become the commercial choice for an engagement ring because they are associated with fidelity, commitment and positive energy. The Diamond is an energy amplifier and is also associated with abundance, strength and loyalty. Diamonds are dazzling, like the energy of the Sun, Leo’s ruling planet. On a physical level, the diamond is useful for treating eye conditions and allergies and can block radiation from mobile phones.

Tiger’s Eye enhances courage and personal power. It also brings intuition and facilitates the practical application of one’s creativity, thereby producing wealth. Tiger’s Eye is also thought to assist fertility. Its energy balances the earth and fire elements facilitating an integration of yin and yang. It is also useful for lifting mental confusion, healing scattered thinking and inner conflicts associated with exaggerated pride. Once carried to protect against curses and bad omens, Tiger’s Eye is a protective crystal and can be used to help heal eye problems and broken bones.

Peridot, Carnelian

The Peridot is usually green in colour and emits a warm friendly energy. It works on the heart and solar plexus chakras, providing protection to the body from outside influences. It assists the individual to find inner happiness and facilitates emotional healing. It is also a stone of purification and cleansing. The Peridot helps to release old patterns and opens the mind and heart to new levels of conscious awareness. The Peridot enhances confidence and assertiveness and at the same time helps us to take personal responsibility. Physically, Peridot helps to balance and heal many main organs of the body and helps to banish hypochondria.

Carnelian grounds and anchors, but at the same time stimulates creative expression. This stone can be also used to cleanse other stones. Carnelian was used in ritual to protect souls on their journey to the underworld. Carnelian is also a powerful source of courage and motivation as well as improving analytical skills, concentration and clear thinking. This stone is much underrated and can also be used for eliminating negative emotions such as anger and resentment, replacing them with love, happiness, vitality and creativity. Physically, Carnelian aids the metabolism, helps fix lower back problems, lifts depression, alleviates arthritic pain, regulates bodily fluids and accelerates healing.

Rose Quartz, Opal

Rose Quartz has a calming and uplifting energy which works to gently remove negativity, instilling a loving energy in its place. It brings peace and a calming influence to the individual and to relationships. Rose Quartz has a rejuvenating affect, for both the physical body and the emotions. It is also wonderful for healing emotional wounds. Rose Quartz promotes compassion and forgiveness and enhances self-esteem. This crystal works well with the heart chakra, bringing feelings of warmth and unconditional love. It is highly reassuring and heightens one’s empathy and sensitivity. Physically, Rose Quartz works to strengthen many of the body’s major organs and systems.

Opal is a gem that vibrates at high frequency and is both delicate and intense. It enhances spontaneity, love, passion and loyalty. Opal both reflects and absorbs energy and it is therefore most useful in getting to the underlying truth of any situation. It will deflect negative energy back to its original source. Opal enables issues from the past to emerge into the light of consciousness, and encourages integration. More than anything, Opal releases inhibitions and heightens emotions. Opals can also scatter or fragment energy, which can result in confusion and a heightened state of restlessness, if not handled correctly.

Bloodstone, Malachite

Bloodstone strengthens and oxygenates the blood stream. It enhances physical and mental vitality, and strengthens the heart and spleen. It is also thought to be good for vitamin absorption. Although a stimulating and powerful gem, it also reduces emotional and mental stress. The bloodstone is the stone of courage and renewal. It is thought to have powerful healing properties. It has a very deep energy that facilitates mediation and love and has also been used to stabilise the flow of blood. The bloodstone is also thought to be a very good gem for those in business, especially the self-employed. It is known to strengthen the vitality and physical body. It is thought to also enhance business acumen and help people adapt to changed circumstances.

Malachite, sometimes called the stone of transformation, assists with processes of change and spiritual evolution. It clears and activates all the charkas. It also enhances the ability to get in touch with our inner spirituality and assists with the development of psychic abilities. It is important to note that Malachite requires careful handling as the dust is toxic and it readily absorbs pollutants. Malachite should be cleansed often. This stone facilitates change and spiritual growth, drawing out unwanted psychological material and transforming patterns of behaviour. A powerful stone, Malachite should be used with care preferably by experienced practitioners.

Turquoise Amethyst

Turquoise strengthens the body, aids in tissue regeneration, and generally heals and protects. It helps to bring clarity of expression, peace of mind, emotional balance, ease of communication, friendship, and loyalty. Turquoise instils an inner calmness but at the same time stimulates creative expression. It is helpful in calming the nerves. Physically, Turquoise brings about affective assimilation of nutrients, protects against viral infections, detoxifies and is an anti-inflammatory.

Amethyst is a highly spiritual gem that bestows peaceful and calming energies. This gem is also known for its highly intuitive faculty and ability to bring about inner contentment. The amethyst is mainly associated with the spiritual realm. It bestows strength and peace. It is an excellent stone for anyone who needs to ward off negative influences, being very protective and strengthening. The amethyst is also calming and healing, instilling unconditional love and inspiration. It is also thought to enhance one's psychic and creative abilities.

Onyx, Obsidian

Obsidian supports us while making us aware of our personal shortcomings so that we can develop more self-knowledge and grow. Obsidian can also help protect the wearer from negativity and has a strong grounding influence. It helps to stimulate one’s analytical capabilities and precision and helps promote a forgiving attitude and the release of grievances. Obsidian is created when molten lava cools very quickly. It is a very powerful stone that is supportive, but at the same time can bring up negative emotions, which can sometimes overwhelm. There are many varieties; Mahogany Obsidian is gentler. It is a highly cathartic stone. Physically, it is useful for treating arthritic conditions, digestive problems, cramps and injuries.

Onyx can be used to heal grief, to enhance self-control, to stimulate the power of wise decision making, and to encourage happiness and good fortune. It is grounding too and can be used to deflect or absorb negativity. Onyx is highly strengthening and confers resilience and stamina. On a physical level, Onyx can be used to treat problems with the teeth, bones and blood.

Aquamarine, Fluorite

Aquamarine is a stone of courage. It accelerates intellectual reasoning and makes us more interested in learning. Aquamarine is associated with the life-giving properties of water. According to legend, the Aquamarine originated in the treasure chest of mermaids and is reputed to be a lucky stone for sailors or anyone traveling by sea. It can be used to soothe, calm and alleviate fears and phobias. It releases anxiety and restlessness and combats depression.

Fluorite is good for enhancing comprehension, intuition and focus and for bringing order and stability to one’s life. This crystal is used to overcome feelings of chaos or disorganisation. It brings stability and is highly protective, but also helps focus the mind and enhances intuition. Fluorite gently removes fixed ideas and rigid patterns of behaviour and facilitates an awareness of the bigger picture. It is helpful for those suffering mental confusion and assists the mind to deal with new information. It is also a good stone for teeth and bones, the skin, the respiratory system and pain relief.

Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli

The glorious Blue Sapphire is the main stone associated with Pisces. It has long symbolised truth, sincerity and faithfulness. It draws wisdom to the wearer. It attracts to us our mission and destiny, instilling hope, faith and joy during the journey. Blue Sapphire can focus healing and loving energy on anyone needing it, without having to actually touch the gem. It has a powerful and magical quality of its own. Because Sapphires represent divinity, they were the gemstone of choice for kings and high priests. They are a symbol of purity and wisdom as well as sincerity and faithfulness.

Lapis Lazuli energises and promotes strength, vitality, virility, mental clarity, and illumination. It enhances psychic abilities and communication with one’s higher self and with spirit guides. It has also been used as a protective stone, sheltering the wearer from physical danger and psychic attacks. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of awareness, helping to expand consciousness and intellectual capacity. It assists in bringing out the intuitive and psychic aspects of one’s nature.

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