Is star sign hate a real thing?

We’ve all heard it before: Cancers are crybabies, Capricorns are power hungry workhorses, and Pisces are flakes.

All of these stereotypes have become a part of the modern lexicon, especially with the rise in popularity of astrology amongst younger generations. Although we laugh at astrology memes and poke fun of those who have theire weekly horoscopes bookmarked, it’s important to note that star sign hate isn’t a new social stigma.

In the movie Boogie Nights, Don Cheadle’s character says to a potential romantic partner, “I can’t date a Pisces.” Even in A Streetcar Named Desire, they drag Aries for being forceful and noisy. Astrological stereotypes have always existed and we’ve laughed for years about how Aquarians are weird and Tauruses are lazy. With the rise of social media and meme culture (which I personally love) there comes a lot of slander and hate. But why?

To many, (not me) astrology is a joke and they find that some of the stereotypes they impose on people are true. As a Gemini, I experience more star sign hate than any other sign of the zodiac. I had a roommate many years ago who accused me of being shady because she once dated a Gemini who allegedly lied to her and broke her heart. I also recall sitting in my astrology class in Brooklyn and listening to the majority of my fellow classmates drag me because I was a Gemini. They would say Geminis are liars, gossips, and pot stirrers after a minute of meeting me - before they got to know me. Umm... ok.

Last year, there was a post on Facebook for a room. A person named “Christine” responds to an ad that seemed affordable. When messaging her perspective roommates, they asked Christine for her astrological star sign. She responded by saying that she’s a Capricorn. They told her that their energies wouldn’t vibe because they think she may be a bossy roommate or control freak to live with. Whether or not Christine is any of these things doesn’t matter. She was discriminated against solely based on her star sign - which is similar to being discriminated against for other reasons. They made a snap judgement about her personality before they even met her.

To be honest, star sign hate of any nature isn’t nice. Just like sub tweeting, it’s low-key bullying that’s accepted by society because a lot of people don’t believe in astrology. It’s not kind to pass judgment on others before getting to know them. Plus, it’s not even real astrology. In astrology, we look at the whole chart before making sweeping blanket statements about someone’s personality.

Word of advice: Get to know someone before throwing shade at them. I’ve known some Leos who aren’t truthful and some Scorpios who are lighthearted. Look at their whole chart. And, understand that everyone has the potential to lie, cheat, or steal. We can’t judge a book by its cover and we can’t assume people are a certain why because of their star sign.

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