Spotify launch playlists based on your star sign

The online streaming company has partnered with an astrologist to produce a music playlist as well as a monthly horoscope for each star sign.

Have you ever felt a song truly understands you? Well, it could be a match made in the stars as Spotify joins cosmic forces with celebrity astrologist, Chani Nichols to produce a carefully curated music playlist - just for your star sign. 

Spotify Cosmic Playlists are found by searching your sign in Spotify or by visiting Spotify's Trending hub, where you can find a 30-song playlist designed specifically for you and your cosmic traits. Featuring iconic hits as well as modern and upcoming artists, the playlist will change each month to match the everchanging astrological makeup. 

Along with the playlist, you'll also receive a free horoscope reading from Chani which she'll update each month - to stay current to your sign's cycle.

And while Chani says, "It’s important to remember that people are from all corners of the world, and what is iconic to someone in Australia isn’t going to be for someone in Brazil," the elements in your sign don't change, so she's provided a teaser to what you can expect:


Your traits: Independent and energetic.

Music style: Aries will want songs that are proclaiming it’s awesome and can win at everything.


Your traits: Sensual and steadfast.

Music style: Taurus will want songs that will get them in the mood, chill at home, and music they can cook to.


Your traits: Inquisitive and versatile.

Music style: Gemini will appreciate any gifted lyricist that loves to talk. 


Your traits: Sensitive and caring.

Music style: Cancer will want songs that they can reminisce and cry to.


Your traits: Expressive and entertaining.

Music style: Leo will want songs that tell them how amazing they are.


Your traits: Precise and thoughtful.

Music style: Virgo will want songs that are so artfully created it makes them jealous of the skill the musicians possess.


Your traits: Social and charming.

Music style: Libra will want songs that make them more flirty and have people in fall love with them.


Your traits: Deep and mysterious.

Music style: Scorpio will want songs that make them feel like a sorcerer.


Your traits: Adventurous and fast.

Music style: Sagittarius will want songs that they can listen to while they're always on the move. 


Your traits: Strategic and disciplined.

Music style: Capricorn will want songs about getting to the top.


Your traits: Intellectual and innovative.

Music style: Aquarius will want songs that teach them something new so they can continue to feel powerful.


Your traits: Intuitive and compassionate.

Music style: Pisces will want songs that can transport them to another world.

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