Four simple tarot card readings you can do right now

Ever wondered what tarot card reading is and what you might found out by doing it?

Put simply, tarot is a form of divination that traditionally uses special playing cards.

Each card represents a different number (ranging from 1 to 10) and suite. The suites, which are called the minor arcana, are based on elements (pentacles = earth, cups = water, swords = air, and wands = fire). There are also 22 major arcana cards (numbered 0 to 21) found in a trump deck (there are 78 cards in total).

Both the major and minor arcana weave a story together that can give us clarity into the past, present, and future. The major arcana are powerful changes or energies, while the minor arcana are more subtle changes or energies.

Mostly, tarot cards are used to peep at upcoming events, situations, and relationships. Tarot cards, when used correctly, can give us all insight and clarity into many matters. Here are some card spreads that can help you gain answers from the universe:

Love spread by Michael Cardenas

This is a three-card spread to see the past, present and future of a relationship - select three cards from the deck.
Card 1: The feeling they have for you at the moment.
Card 2: What’s going on in your own energy and how it’s influencing the situation. Things you can adjust.
Card 3: How the love between you will evolve and the direction it will go in.

Career spread by Sarah Potter

Card 1: The Goal. What is my new opportunity at work? Sometimes when everything is wide open, it can be harder to narrow it down and pick a specific path to focus on.
Card 2: My Strengths. What skills do I possess that need to be highlighted in order to achieve this new goal? It's so important to remember what you are good at and all of the strong skills you possess!
Card 3: My Weaknesses. What do I need to be mindful of that needs more attention or assistance in order to accomplish my goals and level up? Knowing where and when we need help is a key to professional success!
Card 4: Assistance. Who can help you achieve your goals? Is it someone on your team? A coworker, a boss, or an outside perspective? Maybe it is as simple as amplifying your own intuition. Let someone help you on your path!
Card 5: Advice. What is the final message I need to hear to tie everything together and move forward?

Friendship spread by Caitlin McGarry

Place cards in a circle shape.
Card 1: Past friendships to keep in mind.
Card 2: Current situation/friendship (positive aspects).
Card 3: Current situation/friendship (negative aspects).
Card 4: Strengthening/positive changes, growth opportunities.
Card 5: Anything causing stress/anxiety/unhappiness.
Card 6: Desired outcome of the friendship.
Card 7: Advice in carrying this friendship.
Card 8: What you will bring to the friendship.
Card 9: What they will bring to you.
Card 10: Outcome.

Get the raise and money spread by Blue June

Say you've already gotten the job you wanted, but you’re up for a raise and you want to aim for a higher number. This spread would help you figure out what you need to do before that review to get the number you desire. This is what I call a mini-cross and is modelled after the Celtic Cross. The positions are 1 and 2 in the middle, 1 is vertical and 2 crossing over 1 horizontally, 3 is placed to the left and 4 goes to the right. Here is what the positions mean:

1. What you’re doing just great, don’t change this.
2. What you need to improve upon in the interim.
3. What not to do during the review.
4. What to definitely do during the review/how likely it is.

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