Horoscopes: Your 2020 forecast

After enduring three Mercury in retrograde phases, 2019 has been a big year to say the least.

As a brand new year looms, it's time to take a look at what the stars have in store for 2020. Here's what you can expect the new year to bring:


Life and luck

This year opens up with a bang allowing emotional growth and unexpected surprises to come your way. This is an especially fantastic year for spiritual growth, and connecting to your true calling. The movement of your home planet Mars brings major lessons surrounding courage, healing hasty decisions, and major aspects testing your personal patience.

The keyword is willpower during this process as your sign tends to be impulsive, which might lead to a period of do-overs from September 9 through November 13 as Mars goes retrograde in your own sign! This planetary transit is meant to bring clarity to your own personal path, especially if you haven't been putting your needs first. This is a particularly eye-opening year for you for sure, full of adventure, romance, and inspiring self-discovery.


This is a year where the old options and circumstances need to go by the wayside! It is time to let ex-loves go out with the trash, and this includes patterns in relationships that are highly toxic! A former love might come crawling back in late June, which can be both highly satisfying to your ego, and confusing at the same time, especially if you've been working hard to move on from a romantic attachment.

The test is hot-and-heavy, and desires this year have you feeling like you're waking up from a long hibernation. Fated attractions to powerful people are very likely, and choices of independent pursuits might have you second guessing your initial intentions in the first place. Overall, this is a very big year, full of spirit, wisdom, and romantic passion!

Money and career

The connection of the outer planets Saturn and Pluto in the beginning of this year bring to life a personal sovereignty you haven't felt for a long time. Your sign has been through a long financial evolution over the last decade that is finding new power under the soil. It is time to turn the corner this year, and this might include a completely new business endeavour.

March through May gives you a preview of a brand new challenge being presented in the realm of authority. This ignites and excites your inner need for competition, and is a major turning point in your own self-confidence. Summertime is a perfect period to prepare and save up on some larger costs ahead, especially knowing that the retrograde of Mars from September through November is meant to wake you up. 


Life and luck

Overall there is a ton to be grateful for this year. The major aspects involved in 2020 include a series of "Great Events" meant to open you up and get you incredibly motivated for major growth. These energies harness your sign and bring traditional "fertility" connections as well. This does include the possibility of overall family planning as well as expanding you horizons such as educational pursuits, major moves, property ownership, and new creative outlets.

The movement of Uranus through your sign gives you innovative and creative advantages as your interests and vitality receive amazing gifts from the universe. Overall, 2020 holds long-lasting effects for you as you embark on an imaginative journey ahead.


Your love life is going to be incredibly interesting this year, dear Taurus! One portion is separating romantic loves and universal connections from one another. There are those who follow the same path next to you, and those you can no longer hold up on an emotional pedestal. The important thing to remember here is friendship and recognising who has always seen you through.

Your deepest relationships will always stand the tests of time, challenges surrounding clarity show themselves around August 15 when Uranus goes retrograde in your sign bringing a surprise surrounding your romantic destiny. May and June also serve as major pivotal points this year as the retrograde of Venus requires you to revisit communication between your heart and soul needs.

Money and career

The major players in the sky this year of Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter create space for you to deepen a business partnership or fated alignment. Your keen ability to recognise business trends and marketing abilities allow you to take a personal idea and turn it into gold.

There is a true alchemy between spirituality and financial awareness. It's truly about expanding your mind that the dots connect, and rewarding you well in your bank account. Technology, communication, and enhancing your personal needs is what drives your earning power this year.


Life and luck

There's so much going on around you this year that it might feel both intriguing yet eclectic and difficult to grasp at times. The direction of the wheel of fortune is shifting for you, and there are superior wins for sure. To the point that the magic envelopes all near and dear to you. However, one major factor for you comes on May 5 when the node path of fate enters your sign and directly aligns you with some major life decisions.

This can be a tremendous year of transition and game changes. One major thing to always note is when Mercury goes into retrograde, which will open you up to a series of events that connect you to people, places, and situations in need of a rewind - 2020 Mercury retrograde dates: 16/2 - 9/3; 18/6 -12/7; 13/10 - 3/11.


You're walking the path here and for many Gemini natives that can mean the commitment factor becomes the main topic of conversation. For those seeking a long-term partner this might just be that year to stumble upon your true twin-flame. This will happen when you're not even looking or thinking about meeting someone at all.

The Lunar Eclipse of June 15 is especially an energy that serves as a passionate portal whether you are single or in a partnership. The retrograde of Venus overlapping this lunar cycle (May 13 - June 25) allows for a total karmic reset. You're potent throughout 2020, so be open to meeting new people, and feeling inspired within your long-term heart connections.

Money and career

Allow 2020 to give you a chance to reinvent the wheel within your creative and financial circles. This brings luck and increased power of attraction, especially in the later half of the year. The movement of Saturn into Aquarius does open you up to leadership possibilities.There's a give-and-take this year that expands business contacts and keeps you on your toes.

Key dates to note are the retrograde of Venus (May 13 - June 25), which can highlight personal wealth management needs. There's a specific revision in your own mindset around money that enhances your personal magnetism. You are aligning with your with long-term goals that might include preparation for property investments, family planning, and retirement savings accounts.


Life and luck

You are being given a chance to switch-it-up. You are being asked to come out of your shell, take the challenge, and be rewarded tenfold.

You must leave the fears of 2019 in the absolute past. This is one of the biggest years of your entire life -activating every aspect including family, career, finances, love, luck, and your connection to spiritual development. Allow yourself to feel more vulnerable than you are used to.


Emotional connections have always been your vibe in relationships. The major lesson of 2020 is actually YOU! If you've been neglecting anything related to the personal relationship you have with yourself, this will be the strongest lesson that repeats over-and-over within the realm of this yearly cycle.

Your magnetism is undeniable, and if you fall in love with your own creative brilliance you will feel inspired by the beauty of the universe. It is the year to really connect to something greater than you ever imagined. Stay strong and move forward with absolute inner love, even if it seems out of the norm.

Money and career

Someone's got to say this to you, dear Cancer! Get out of your own way, and believe the security is there if you step away from your current comfort zone. This year flips you over, shows you another way and allows your career to grow exponentially.

You might be taking on a more public role or executive position that stimulates your mind, body, and soul. This is major and a once-in-a-lifetime chance. You're not only doing this for yourself, but for the people you love who believe in you and support you along the way. Jump in! This year is the doorway to success.


Life and luck

This is a wonderful year for learning, self-exploration, and psychological growth. You are finding that the eradication of your own ego has brought forward new and unusual experiences. You might find yourself reading more books on culture and spirituality than you ever have before. A huge piece of this includes the continual presence of Uranus in Taurus that provides unique challenges to your current value system.

The movement of Saturn in and out of Aquarius this year also brings in real-life figures who trigger certain childhood wounds, and fosters a separation of your personal needs from the collective consciousness. Developing and acknowledging your increased need for quiet reflection is imperative. You might find yourself feeling a bit more isolated or in need of deep meditation to open your mind.


Your sign is tied to expression, especially in all matters of love. This year is a redirect towards your course, and love is always involved, but there is a rite of passage taking effect as well. The movement of the Sun always serves as your guiding light, and this year might involve tracking the journey of each individual day.

You have many wise people around you, and this is where the love begins. Relationships in themselves are going to require a great deal of compromise. Friendships bring forth incredible healing, so be open to new ideals along this year's journey.

Money and career

Sometimes something "old" has to be let go of as this year shows you lessons surrounding the law of action and reaction. There are areas in your personal business that are now considered outdated to the point that this is where the ultimate evolution is required of you. It is going to take some time and thought, but there is a new solution here.

Your steadiness and methods of thinking are up for the challenges presented. Your innate ability to dig deep into your own mind will help formulate a new wave for the generations to come.


Life and luck

The powerful connection of Saturn and Pluto on January 12 excavate your sign as necessary transformative growth themes your 2020 cycle. There are several components within this year requiring careful attention to detail as you move into key projects that showcase your leadership qualities and connect you to your deepest spiritual purpose.

It can be confusing when others do not reciprocate your level of expectations; however, always remember your ability to clearly communicate opens you up to more positive pathways. Virgo's home planet Mercury goes retrograde three times within the 2020 cycle that requires personal zones of reflections, psychological discoveries, and even circumstances where past connects make a reappearance - Mercury retrograde dates: 16/2 - 9/3; 18/6 - 12/7; 13/10 - 3/11).


The movement of the stars begs the question, do you let yourself be loved? Learning to receive the beautiful bounty that requires you to surrender and give up control is an ongoing process for your sign. This year wants you to let the love flow in! June 15's Lunar Eclipse enriches your perspectives on relationships as you turn a corner around previous emotional trauma. Do not be afraid to show someone your softer side especially if you've been closed off emotionally in previous relationships and current romantic connections.

Single Virgos will have the chance to meet someone totally out of the ordinary that really sparks your interest and opens your mind in a new and different capacity. A major lesson within relationships this year is to incorporate new positive methods of expressing your deepest feelings.

Money and career

Oh Virgo! You have to really pay attention to your own personal boundaries here! You might have your heartstrings pulled several times within the 2020 cycles. This means contributing to social causes either financially or volunteering your personal time. The movement of many destined planets sets off a chain of events in your life requiring you to show up for success.

You truly deserve this and there can be a feeling of imposter syndrome that can feel overwhelming. Be ready to receive good news and find that your bank account reflects all of your hard work as well. you have made the proper social connections that are above and beyond incredible. A new business or home investment can grow beyond your initial expectations.  


Life and luck

Dearest Libra, 2020 proves to be a very inspiring challenge between yourself and another. This is not so much a partnership itself, but the external forces that are flipping your world upside-down! The energy of the "Great Events" throughout the year are meant to shake your ground and get you to make a clear and informed life change.

You feel more alive than ever, and you awaken to a whole new way of seeing your own personal prominence within your community. This is definitely a year to take more risks and compartmentalise your wins from your losses. You might find that your are more psychic than you've ever been, and this will allow you to be at the right place at the right time on multiple occasions.


There are many factors to 2020 that highlight important love transits in the sky! Your sign in particular has a unique experience year, especially with the movement of Venus in retrograde from May 13th through June 25. This can bring in old flames, especially surrounding electronic communication or hearing news on a loved one through the grapevine.

Partnerships will mirror your behaviour, which can be enlightening and necessary for personal psychological patterns.You have a pivotal transition mid-year as arguments of the past lead to healthier growth within partnerships. Single Libras discover the connection between their own natural attractions, and old wounds that need to be put to bed.

Money and career

The opportunities presented in 2020 form intense business alliances. You might have some "family business" to attend to throughout the entire year. It can expand your career to a level you never quite thought was possible, and at the same time requires careful tactful moves on your part. Group efforts lead to humanitarian achievements bringing forward financial compensation and a sense of well-being.

Personal investments go far and can include shared properties and inheritance. As you begin to develop your voice within your community, you will see that wealth flows to you beyond all preconceived blocks. The final three months of 2020 serve as "Go Time" for any launches or startup points bringing many gifts for years to come.


Life and luck

Scorpio, your sign has the motto "I Desire" and 2020 definitely does not disappoint. Your sign has gone through a full decade of unpeeling, uncovering, and discovering where the pieces fit into your overall personal mosaic of powerful insights. You've been gathering the tools towards self-mastery and you're ready to jump into this new layer with full confidence in yourself.

Do not be afraid to leave unwanted layers behind. Know that this is the growth you've been visualising for so long, and the achievements you make this year have taken many lifetimes to get you to this point. You are ready for this! Enjoy the strength and beauty of your purest truth throughout the year. 


The collective energy of 2020 is specifically tailored to the natural intensity of a Scorpio native. Your sign was truly meant to experience this year's wildcard moments with cunning precision! Romantic connections can extend anywhere from fated flings to long-term partnerships, and possibly a combination of both.

There's no stopping you as you hold some of the most powerful energy this year! Be careful who you spend your time with. Especially those who do not share your vision. Love should be opening up your heart to the great-beyond especially in the months of September, October, and November when the planet Mars enters a retrograde cycle! This year ignites your passions and sparks your wildest fantasies in all of the most wonderful ways.

Money and career

Scorpio is ruled by the second chakra, and the energy of 2020 absolutely supports all work within the realms of creativity. An important financial connection develops as if destiny were calling you. you've been preparing for this for many years, and this is truly a nod from your spirit guides.

If you own a business or work in the field of sales, branding, and promotional marketing, the following dates propel you to new heights: January 12, April 4, June 30, October 4, November 12). You are coming into your own and inspiring others to follow their dreams along the way! Hold gratitude for your personal commitment and sacrifice to the road less travelled. Always remember that you are here to change the game.


Life and luck

This year has so much in store for you! Your general positive outlook on life carries through and opens the new year with directed action! An ongoing energy from 2019 includes a tug of war between your overall life dreams and the reality of overcoming the negative voices. These can be a combination of ingrained childhood wounds as well as the stories that you may have told yourself overtime.

This year requires you to rewrite these stories, and remind yourself that nobody needs to approve you but you! Your home planet Jupiter moves through the sign of Capricorn for a better part of the year. This is a time of learning major responsibilities and lessons surrounding personal respect. All in all, 2020 proves to be your direct connection to the galaxy and beyond.


Your love life this year is out of this realm mind-opening! This year has a plethora of lessons so jam-packed that you might feel like you've lived several lifetimes in one whole year! May is the month where everything fate and destiny provide an epic soulmate connection. Single Sagittarians feel like you're meeting so many people you do not know who to even focus on. Those in partnership deepen your truest passions.

There are several moments this year directing your energy towards communication needs especially when Venus in retrograde opposes your sign between May 13 and June 25. There are many journeys with loved ones that bring many joyful days throughout the cycle of 2020.

Money and career

There are definitely monetary windfalls throughout the 2020 cycle for your fire sign. That being said, there will also be major changes that have to be made regarding personal spending habits. The movement of Jupiter through Capricorn is asking you to personally go within and focus on saving for the long-term. The great thing about your sign is money can flow in so easily because you are incredible at manifesting.

The directions of fate also serve as a key reset to the wheel of fortune as well. The year wraps up with a poetic alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on December 21 placing a major spotlight on your natural gifts that allow you to shine and move forward with confidence.


Life and luck

Oh my Capricorn! 2020 is very much your year to shine, whether or not you want the attention. The stars are all about you with several planetary alignments happening. The connections include the movement of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn that transform your reality and sense of inner authority. There are so many potent days throughout the year, but some pivotal power dates include: January 12, April 4, June 30, October 4, November 12th.

The alignments known as the "Great Events" set you on the path to your most inspiring spiritual purpose. Even if you live under a rock you have no way of hiding from this energy! Your sign is being asked to carry the torch with reverence. These are the kind of planetary alignments that change history.


Your sign has actually been on an in depth romantic quest since 2017. Because you are the sign of "slow and steady growth" this means that you've actually been planting seeds for a gigantic inner revolution in your own love life. Whether you are coupled or seeking a partnership, this experience cracks you at your deepest core.

A soul wound surrounding your own upbringing is cleansed, and the fundamentals of what you once thought was truth might need some deep psychological analysis. Casual affairs and acquaintances no longer serve your overall path. Friends and lovers might collide as well as you begin to experience your own personal awakening. Remember these seeds were planted long ago, and now an entire garden awaits you.

Money and career

Big purchases are made, businesses open, opportunities find you out of the blue. Basically it's that kind of year! It's a time for big wins and big changes. You've planned for rainy days and you've also become an expert in your field. Financially you're expanding the dream along with paying close attention to the world around you.

Your expertise might also find you in a new realm of consulting where you'll be asked to teach large groups of people in need of your services. Open up to the idea that many have been admiring you from afar. It's taken you a decade to get here! Overall, the 2020 realm is to be experienced with awe and wonder. Remember the phrase "see one, do one, teach one," as it circles around you through various circumstances.


Life and luck

You are incredibly strong in the 2020 cycle. Aquarians will see some great peaks and valleys especially surrounding clear decisions and long-term commitments. Allow yourself to soar to the next level. This year tests your needs and ability to strategise for the long-haul. You're definitely seen by your peers, and you're growing in popularity which opens a door in your professional bonds.

You are seen, heard and in high demand as the movement of your home planet Uranus continues a path through the sign of Taurus. This cultivates the energy of innovation and openness to sudden changes that allow you to upgrade your social status significantly. Be open to the element of adjustment especially around the middle of August. The pinnacle movement of Saturn in and out of your sign culminates on December 21 activating a major stroke of luck aligned with your own true power.


This could be a year where a soulmate relationship enters an even deeper realm of commitment. The movement of several planets and asteroids are dialing into your Aquarian vibesand create profound abundance for your emotional desires. You are practicing the law of attraction at extreme speeds, especially around March 21.

For partnered or single Aquarians, the Universe extends a gift to you, which can deepen relationships especially on the dates of May 17 and December 7 with the movement of Pallas Athena activating your heart centre. You might find yourself gravitating towards others of extremely different backgrounds or age gaps this year as well. This also extends to friendships as well as you long for intellectual stimulation and romantic rendezvous.

Money and career

This year is all about career wins and very much requires you to show up for all of the opportunities literally being offered to you. Your intuition and strong gifts brought you to this point, and there is no such thing as coincidence. You are meant to thrive and you will find that these new options bring you increased finances.

If you've been seeking self-control for a long time such as paying off long-standing loans and debts, 2020 is the exact time to take the necessary step towards financial freedom. The range of March 21 through December 21 is the timeframe to take your power back. The movement of Saturn both in the direct and retrograde cycle brings increased personal authority and independence. This is going to be a fabulous year.


Life and luck

This year highlights your overall spiritual and wellness, loving Pisces! You are a great attractive force in all aspects of your daily life throughout 2020, for sure. You need to really dig deep into your emotional needs and revisit some difficult memories from your past in order for a major breakthrough to take place.

Your magnetism faces a huge development especially around May 5 as the north node of destiny moves into the sign of Gemini. This creates a natural crossroads energy in your own chart, and propels you to follow your vision on a project. The movement of Jupiter and Neptune throughout the year also serve as major lessons surrounding growth and personal development especially in the month of June. The forces between your mind and body are the main goals of this year ahead


You’re expanding your wings this year, which brings light to your individual needs. There’s going to be a give and take relationship between yourself and your loved ones this year. This is not limited to romantic relationships as you might have to develop very strict boundaries surrounding family and friendships.

There’s an element of financial ties or life-force energy between yourself and romantic connections. This can extend to combining assets or separating yourself from an unhealthy partnership. Pisces seeking love might face a situation that is difficult to define in words. The eclipse energies of June 15 and November 30 allow for major growth and empowering decisions from your heart. Allow this year to cleanse your spirit and provide you with the warm and passionate love you truly deserve.

Money and career

The year opens up with a spiritual lesson setting you on track towards your soul purpose. This year might be a time where you do make a career change, undergo specialised training, or even decide to move to a space that supports you energetically. The changes you make will empower you to tap into your truest creativity thus opening up to receive all the gifts the universe has in store for you. This creates a potency that is undeniable and attracts increased career wins and financial security as well.

There is something you need to bring to this world whether it’s that book you need to write, that job you need to finally apply for, or even that dream business you want to start. This is the year to do this from a responsible approach and be open to the lessons along the way. As soon as you open yourself up, the mentors will show themselves to you. This applies to the entirety of 2020.

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