The perfect candle for your home according to your star sign

Let your star sign guide you to the best candle scent match possible.

Forget spending hours trying to select what candle to buy, decking out your home with your favourite scents just got easier. Let your star sign help you find what suits you best:


Mimosa & Cardamom candle by Jo Malone

The warm fragrance will get the heat rising in any ram’s home. The mixture of Damask rose, sandalwood, and heliotrope will rouse the palette of fiery Aries. This candle will spice up their living space and be a great scent to transition into a new season filled with intense passion.


The Delice candle by Moiya Scents

Taureans love sweet and delicate fragrances. This candle has a dash a brown sugar and vanilla, which are delicious and yummy flavours that will make the earthy sign think of a scrumptious cookie. The flavours in the candle will surely elevate the bull's refined taste buds and discriminatory nose.


The Evasion candle by Moiya Scents

Gemini’s love citrus! It’s the essence of their planetary ruler, Mercury, and serves as a protective scent for them. The mixture of lemon and lime will serve as armor for the twins, while the coconut and floral fragrance will intoxicate their senses - making this fragrance a total must-have for autumn.


The Nouvea Depart candle by Moiya Scents

This delicious blend of peach, lily, and jasmine will delight your love of softer fragrances. The floral combination will help the crab feel calm, easy, and at peace with themselves. Any lunar babe will appreciate the tender scent of this light essence, which will result in them showcasing the candle everywhere.


The Luminere candle by Moiya Scents

White jasmine and sweet pea are ideal essences for Leo, who prefer refined and intense fragrances. Trust us, this scent will leave everyone talking, as it combines fruity notes with beautifully scented white jasmine. The combo will raise Leo’s auric vibration, heart, and mind.


The Sante candle by Moiya Scents

Virgos are known for their simplistic nature. The Sante Candle will serve them a clean and sophisticated fragrance all year long. Not to mention the hints of seasonal fruits, such as pears, that will add a beautiful aroma to the fragrant candle. The touch of vanilla will delight their senses.


The Amour candle by Moiya Scents

First of all, Libra was already sold with the name of the candle (as they are lovers of love). Also, the rare mixture of starfruit and hibiscus will send them into a romantic tizzy. The balanced juxtaposition between sweet and bitter - harmoniously paired together - will send Libra into a fragrant wonderland.



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Amber candle by Diptyque 

The sultry fragrance of amber will boost Scorpio’s inner delight by boosting their sensual desires and passions. The heavy scented candle will serve as the perfect aromatic backdrop for a night in with a loved one - or for a decadent and indulgent cocktail hour made at home alone for two. Ooh-la-la!


Ellipse candle in Cinnamon Chai by WoodWick Hearthwick

Sagittarius thrives in traveling the world. This luxurious and moderately priced candle will make them feel like they are anywhere (but where they are). Their daydreams and lust for life will be activated by this scent, which will inspire them to run wild and to plan their next adventure.


The January 1st candle by Birthdate Candles

With oakmoss, frankincense, myrrh, and eucalyptus you can’t go wrong. All these enchanting scents will cleanse everyone’s spirit (especially Capricorn’s) for a new year ahead. This candle will also bring in new hopes and dreams for the loving sea-goat within the year.


The February 14th candle by Birthdate Candles

This combination of neroli, lavender, sage, citron, and flowers will fill up Aquarius’s loving cup with glee - especially on Valentine’s Day (who’s date is the namesake of this candle). Aquarius will feel cleansed and warm hearted from this unique mixture of essences. Try this scent to activate the innovative side of Aquarius.


Sea & Dune Beach House candle by Lafco

This will be your go-to candle for summer, as it will delight your inner sea witch’s magical charm. When Pisces lights this blue lotus and ginger candle, their hearts will melt with pure happiness, as their watery and beach sentiments will be lifted as it burns.

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