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5 genius ways to get the most out of your candles
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5 genius ways to get the most out of your candles

Is your home scattered with discarded candles that have seen better days? Follow these tips and you'll never go half-burnt again.

How to storm-proof your home

With storms likely to blow in with little notice, getting your yard in order ahead of time means avoiding extreme damage.

Get on top of winter cleaning

Much like season 8 of Game of Thrones, winter is no longer “coming” and is most definitely here. And while the cooler weather can bring with it lots of lovely cozy rituals (slow-cooking, guilt-free TV marathons and lots of red wine), it also brings with it a whole host of annoying household problems. Here we reveal the best ways to stay on top of seasonal domestic disturbances.

Are you using your dishwasher wrong?

We explain how to load the dishwasher, when to run it and whether or not it’s wasting electricity.

5 amazing interiors by British designer Tom Dixon

To celebrate the release of his new collection for IKEA, we take a look at some of Tom Dixon's most enchanted designs from all around the world.

The cleaning mantra busy people need to adopt

With experts saying that living in a state of clutter can impact our mental and physical health, Claire Isaac trialled a new - and easy - cleaning mantra.

The list every homeowner needs

When Mel and Shan Hearse decided it was time to tackle 10 years of neglect around their heritage home, it was “The List” that made it happen.

5 styling ideas for Tom Dixon's new IKEA collection

Revealed earlier this year, Tom Dixon's first collection for Ikea is made to be hacked. Here are our favourite style ideas for the DELAKTIG sofa.

How to heat your home and save money this winter

Energy bills tend to skyrocket in winter, but there are a few simple ways to save with more efficient heating.

Be inspired by these 5 award-winning renovations

From tiny homes to grand abodes, apartments, and big and small extensions—here are a few of the most beautiful Australian homes to inspire your renovation dreams.

Organising hacks to help you get ahead during the school holidays

Professional organisers are on hand to share their advice for getting and staying ahead of the new school term.