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The truth about how often your clothes should really be washed - and pyjamas might surprise you!
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The truth about how often your clothes should really be washed - and pyjamas might surprise you!

A new guide which reveals just how often you should wash your clothes has divided opinion online.

5 clever ways to save money and energy with your dishwasher

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Are you getting the most from your dishwasher?

Genius folding hacks explained in just 7 easy steps!

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An organisational expert reveals the tricks to folding and storing tea towels, t-shirts and those countless reusable shopping bags.

How to take the best photos of your property

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When it comes to listing your home a beautiful image can be the difference between someone scrolling past or clicking to make an enquiry.

How do I care for my winter woollies in spring?

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As the spring weather heats up, it’s time for us to put away our coats, scarves, jumpers and boots and blankets once and for all. But how do you know if you’re doing it right?

Does your mattress affect your health?

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How much difference does the perfect mattress make and how can we take care of it?

Quick DIY projects for the weekend

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Whether you’re loving it or listing it, your home can always do with a little freshen up. Here are our ideas for jobs you can do this weekend to breathe new life – and value – to your slice of real estate.

How to prepare your home for guests in under 30 minutes

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Caught off guard by imminent house guests arriving at your door? Don't stress. Here's how you can get your place clean, tidy and stylish in just half-an-hour or less.

The 5 cleaning mistakes you're making in your bathroom

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Could you be guilty of committing these common bathroom cleaning crimes?

5 genius ways to get the most out of your candles

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Is your home scattered with discarded candles that have seen better days? Follow these tips and you'll never go half-burnt again.

How to storm-proof your home

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With storms likely to blow in with little notice, getting your yard in order ahead of time means avoiding extreme damage.