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New Series Takes You Inside Australia's Best Homes

New Series Takes You Inside Australia's Best Homes

A spectacular new series on LifeStyle HOME offers viewers a sneak peek into Australia's most stunning and unique properties.

'Doortraits' Are Your New Favourite Home Trend

Get hooked on a fun, new social media trend.

Shop the Trend: Monochrome Homewares

Discover some fantastic pieces and advice for styling your home black and white!

5 Ways To Winter-Proof Your Home

These minor changes will make a huge difference when keeping your home warm and dry this winter!

Meet The Hosts Of 'I Own Australia's Best Home'

Here's who will be taking you inside Australia's most stunning homes.

Google Home Is Here To Help You Around The House

The days of turning on your own TV are over!

10 Unbelievable IKEA Furniture Hacks

By Katie ButterworthOn 13 May

Re-purpose your flat pack furniture to make something completely new!

8 Tips For Flipping A Room In A Weekend

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 10 May

Want to reinvent a space without the stress of a renovation? Micro-renos are the new trend when it comes to reinvigorating interiors. Here’s how you can make magic happen at home in just one weekend!

Vital Tips For Vintage Furniture Restoration

By Emma Charlotte BangayOn 5 May

Keen to make all that is old new again? Here are some expert tips to restoring vintage furniture!

7 Home Hacks From The Most Organised Woman in America

If you're obsessed with filing, binders and lists - you're in good company!

Ways To Warm Your Bathroom This Winter

Avoid freezing while waiting for the shower to heat up!