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Decorating Ideas: How to Spruce Up Your Home

Decorating Ideas: How to Spruce Up Your Home

Is your home starting to bore you?

How to Breathe New Life Into Your Dining Room.

Spruce up your existing dining room with these simple decor changes..

Top Tips for your Spare Room

Follow Shaynna's top tips to maximise the space in your spare room.

String Gardens: Bring the Greenery Indoors

Take inspiration from the Japanese garden trend Kokedama (moss balls) to create your indoor string garden.

Home Decorating Tips to Help Beat the Heat

Thermal curtains, ceiling fans and outdoor areas can all be used to help stop homes from heating up this summer.

Three DIY Plant Projects to Brighten your Home

Lush green plants and sweet-smelling flowers always add a touch of elegance to your home and can help brighten up the room.

5 Ways To Reno a Rental Without Upsetting Your Landlord

You can pick your home, but you can’t always pick your landlord. So what are your options as a renter if you want to revive your space? Here are 5 ways you can update your home, without upsetting anyone!

Small space style solutions

Create the illusion of space in your small apartment using these simple but clever DIY styling tips.