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How to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails
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How to Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

Shannon Lush shares her interesting way of getting rid of slugs and snails.

Fix a Frosty Freezer

Shannon Lush reveals her favourite way to clean and defrost the freezer.

Dirty, Messy Fridge

Shannon Lush reveals how to clean and organise a grimey, messy fridge.

Flaking Chipboard Shelves

Shannon Lush shares a quick tip on how to repair flaking chipboard shelves.

Stained Leather Lounge

Shannon Lush shares her method for naturally cleaning and polishing a stained leather lounge.

Dirty Window Panes

Shannon Lush reveals how to clean dirty window panes.

Cleaning Mouldy Bathroom Walls

Try this natural way to banish mould for good,

Clean Bath Stains

Shannon Lush shares how to remove stubborn water stains in your bath naturally.

Cleaning Toilet Seats

There's nothing uglier than a stained toilet seat, but Shannon Lush knows how to clean the stains naturally.

Repairing Broken Grout

Shannon Lush looks at how to repair broken grout naturally.

Cleaning with Tea

We all love a cuppa but Shannon Lush has many other clever uses for tea around the house.