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There Is A Machine To Fold Your Clothes For You

There Is A Machine To Fold Your Clothes For You

First, there was the washing machine. Then came the dryer. Now, we have a folding device.

Storage Hacks that will Change Your Life

3 minute read

These unique storage ideas and products will revolutionise your home.

One Weekend, 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Interiors

3 minute read

You don’t have to overhaul a room to reinvent it. Sometimes it just comes down to reinstating space and scale, and switching up some interior shades, Emma Bangay discovers.

Top 5 eco-friendly products for your spring clean

4 minute read

Making your own products can be the most eco-friendly way of cleaning. Consider these five recommendations for a chemical-free house.

Refresh Your Home With These Spring Cleaning Tips

2 minute read

Spring cleaning is all about a big thorough clean – getting rid of dirt, dust and mites from the most hidden places. This spring follow Dyson’s top 5 tips to ensure your home gets that spring fresh feeling.

10 Cleaning Hacks to Save You Time and Money

2 minute read

Time poor? Or perhaps you have champagne tastes on a beer budget? Here are 10 ways to save time and money on the boring stuff, so you can spend it on the things that really matter to you.

Top Hygiene Myths: How to Avoid Germs this Winter

3 minute read

The chilly weather has well and truly set in - as has the onslaught of winter germs. Help minimise your risk of catching colds and flu with these top tips.

The Best DIY Green Cleaners for Your Home

5 minute read

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness, but is our extensive use of cleaning products doing us more harm than good? Here is our list of the best DIY green cleaners for your home.

Top 20 Uses for Coconut Oil in the Home

2 minute read

Coconut oil isn't just a cooking or beauty product, it can also be a versatile tool when it comes to cleaning. Here are the top 20 uses for nature's wonder oil in the home - and some of them may just surprise you!

5 Reasons you Need a Dyson Vacuum this Christmas

1 minute read

Expecting it to get messy this Christmas? Dyson engineers have come up with the perfect cleaning technology to keep the Christmas cheer going a little bit longer this year.

Top Tips on Termite and Pest Protection

3 minute read

Rentokil pest expert Simon Lean, shares his practical tips on termite and pest protection.