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Why cheat meals are actually good for you
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Why cheat meals are actually good for you

Having the odd cheat meal here or there might actually be the key to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

How to train for your first marathon

10 minute read

Training for your first marathon can - on paper - sound like, well, running a marathon. Australian long-distance runner Eloise Wellings knows a thing or two about how to get ready for these enduring events: here she shares her tips.

5 things that happen when you overtrain

3 minute read

While it's great to train regularly, training too hard too often can wreak havoc on our bodies. Sam Wood decodes the signs that mean you should ease up and give those muscles a break.

5 simple swaps to make your meal a vegan one

3 minute read

Whether you're investigating a full transition to veganism, looking to totally embrace Meat Free Mondays or wanting a dinner party swap for a vegan guest, we've got you covered.

Gluten-free alternatives to your favourite foods

6 minute read

There's no need to avoid dessert, alcohol or bread with these gluten-free alternatives to your favourite foods.

Do home work outs really work?

5 minute read

Can a home exercise routine really compete with a gym and a personal trainer? Tiffany Dunk puts it to the test.

Do you need prehab?

2 minute read

The short answer is a firm yes.

Do you really know how to decode food labels?

5 minute read

Here's how to choose the right foods and not get caught in marketing traps and empty promises.

How to keep your exercise mojo for the last weeks of winter

3 minute read

As winter drags on it's harder to keep motivated with your health and fitness routine. Sam Wood has seven simple steps to help you keep up your exercise mojo.

5 weeknight meals in 25 minutes or less

1 minute read

These five recipes are a sure fire way to get great results in the kitchen in the least amount of time possible.

What is the LCHF diet and should you try it this winter?

3 minute read

A low-carb high-fat approach to eating has a lot of benefits—including weight loss and improved energy levels.