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Do you really know how to decode food labels?
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Do you really know how to decode food labels?

Here's how to choose the right foods and not get caught in marketing traps and empty promises.

How to keep your exercise mojo for the last weeks of winter

As winter drags on it's harder to keep motivated with your health and fitness routine. Sam Wood has seven simple steps to help you keep up your exercise mojo.

5 weeknight meals in 25 minutes or less

These five recipes are a sure fire way to get great results in the kitchen in the least amount of time possible.

What is the LCHF diet and should you try it this winter?

A low-carb high-fat approach to eating has a lot of benefits—including weight loss and improved energy levels.

6 foods to eat for gorgeous winter skin

Winter has well and truly arrived and for many of us, this means, months of dry and irritated skin. But with these wonder foods, you can say goodbye dry skin and hello to an all-season long winter glow!

48 hours to a healthier you: How to stay motivated this weekend

Two days can make the world of difference! Trainer Sam Wood's reveals his top five tips for staying on track, so you can resist the urge to let a Friday night vino turn into a full-throttle cheat weekend.

How to use your weekends to get ahead

With the extra time up your sleeve, there are plenty of things you can do to not only have a healthy Saturday and Sunday but to set yourself up for the coming week.

How to turn leftovers into all-new recipes

Are leftovers common inhabitants of your fridge? If you're on a mission to reduce food waste, here are five easy ways to give some love to last night's meal and turn it into a brand new (and delicious) dish.

3 of Sam Wood's best post workout recipes

These are the meals you should be eating after a work out.

5 Step DIY Bootcamp Workout

Got 30-40 minutes to hit the gym or park for a workout? Need a few ideas? Here’s how to create your own tough bootcamp session, no equipment required!

3 Easy Winter Workouts

Here are 3 amazing workouts you can do without setting foot in a gym.