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Why Bowen Therapy could be the answer to your chronic pain

Why Bowen Therapy could be the answer to your chronic pain

A little-known Australian technique of muscle relaxation is taking over the world, one gentle touch at a time.

Sophrology is the new meditation of 2020

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The new stress-busting, wellness trend for 2020 is here

5 diet myths that are stopping you from losing weight

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Can't seem to shed those last few kilos? You might need to switch up the way you think about your diet.

These are the foods to eat if you want to look younger

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New research shows that certain foods not only help combat aging, but some of them may also even help turn back the clock.

Is a glass of wine the key to good kidney health?

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There's been plenty of research around the goodness of red wine, but it turns out white wine has its own health benefits.

Science says this $3 garden herb can help improve your memory

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It doesn’t matter how old you are - a bad memory doesn't discriminate.

Maggie Beer: Why she’s heartbroken over ‘impossible’ aged care food conditions

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As the aged care royal commission continued this week, Maggie Beer took the stand.

The surprising snack linked to lowering cholesterol

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The humble walnut has officially been recognised as heart-healthy.

Easy ways to stop unconscious eating

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Do you find yourself automatically reaching for the biscuits in the afternoon, or getting to the end of a bag of chips without realising? If so, you're an unconscious eater.

The simple ways you can eat well for less

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Cooking with healthy ingredients doesn't always have to be expensive and involved. Here's how you can eat well without breaking the bank, or spending hours in the kitchen.

8 fermented foods that will help restore your gut health

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As more people are paying attention to their gut health, we're seeing a rise in popularity fermented foods. But, which ones are the best for your gut, and how can you incorporate them into your diet?