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See what your Goddess Birth Sign says about your diet, health and body thanks to Chakra expert Anita Revel of

“Three years ago I refused a plate of my beloved roast potatoes and opted for fruit salad instead,” says Anita. “Soon afterwards I realised I was on the cusp of discovering something much better – and healthier – than my traditional mid-winter chow-down. Even though I felt so full I was bursting, I still left the dining table that day feeling lighter and more energised than ever before.

“I subsequently investigated my food choices further and in doing so, discovered a correlation between the Goddess Birth Signs and the best food choices for our bodies and our health.

“Now I’m able to plan a Christmas-in-July menu that cater for all my friends' different tastes – whether it’s a meal “fit for a queen”, or merely “slim pickings”, everyone leaves the table feeling happy, healthy and totally satisfied.”

What does your Goddess Birth Sign say about you? Find out now!

Athena - Aries

Defender of causes and endlessly energetic, you can benefit from food that is hot and spicy. Eat plenty of red food to keep your passionate energy fired up. In other areas of life, Athena girls can find it hard to finish things. Not so when it comes to eating, though it’s important to remember to have enough to drink, especially with all those hot spices you live.

Juno - Taurus

Health, heart and hearth - these are the three key words that keep Juno girls excited. When her family is happy, she is happy. Rich foods, heavenly sweets and lots of hearty carbs. Yep, anything tasty and substantial is likely to be on the menu for a Juno gal and her family. And she needs top up snacks throughout the day, otherwise she can become very irritable.

Persephone - Gemini

According to legend, Persephone is the queen of balancing high and low energies. Limit any metabolism spikes by grazing on tapas, appetisers, snacks and a variety of bite-sized foods. Keep ringing the changes as if you get bored with what’s on offer, it can be hard to eat anything. Eat smaller portions more often to maintain your energy levels.

Diana - Cancer

As the quintessential child of nature, Diana gals love the wild. Promote the nurturing qualities of Mother Earth by preparing raw and organic foods. These are your comfort foods, so relish nutritionally-rich meals. Old fashioned, great tasting food is top of your list, and you know that it doesn’t come in colourful packets.

Pele - Leo

Pele is the volcano goddess of Hawaii, and as such can be occasionally volatile - even if things appear calm on the surface. Just like your namesake, it’s not uncommon to have a mountainous appetite for food fit for a queen. Even better if it looks as good as it tastes. Pep up the menu with a flaming desert.

Hestia - Virgo

Practical and earthy, the Hestia-girl’s home is her castle. No artificial flavours and preservatives for this girl. If not in your garden attending to your fresh herb and vegetable patch, make sure you enjoy scouring the local grocer for the yummiest organic food.

Venus - Libra

With the goddess of love as their patroness, Venus-gals love immersing themselves in beauty. When they have a favourite snack in front of them, all ideas about sharing can go straight out the window. With such an abundance of choice, take your time to decide what you really want to eat. You’re drawn to bright colours and textures so aim for fresh fruit and salad vegetables.

Bast- Scorpio

Bast is the Egyptian cat-goddess. It is no surprise therefore that she bestows qualities of playfulness, poise and feline sensuality. The spicier the better! Salty foods appeal and Bast girls find nothing as more-ish as a pile of black olives. Food is meant to be enjoyed - take it beyond “functional” and make meals an expression of your creative spirit.

Rhiannon - Sagittarius

This Welsh goddess is known for her white mare and her association with the dream world. As such, Rhiannon inspires wanderlust, (usually by adventurous means.) There is no end to the exciting and exotic foods for you to try. Of course, the best place to eat is in exotic places - the more romantic and far-flung the better. Failing that, even a foreign flavour can be enough to get you drooling.

Demeter - Capricorn

Demeter gals excel at pursuing justice and getting projects completed - sometimes at the expense of their own well-being. Keep the energy levels firing with hearty meals. Go for stodgy, filling and stick-to-the-rib foods that will keep you going and going and going. That doesn’t mean that you’ll settle for rubbish – far from it, you like your meals to have a touch of class.

Hathor - Aquarius

Hathor women are open-minded, adaptable and expert shape-shifters. They transcend boundaries to keep their lives interesting and full of magic. Yes, sometimes it is unfair that you have to eat earthly food - if only you could eat the fare of angels from plates made of clouds! Go for divinely inspired concoctions instead.

Oshun - Pisces

Oshun is the beautiful African river goddess that inspires her women to strive for their best. Ahhh, with the ocean as your mother, how can you resist a magnificent seafood banquet? Dive into a wide range of oceanic delights. Chewy snacks keep your energy levels up between meals, you prefer to savour the flavour instead of toss some food straight down.

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