A dating expert reveals the ultimate dos and don’ts on a first date

If you've got a first date on the horizon, what are some of the key things to do to ensure you get a second date?

Whether it's been awhile or you've been on the carousel of dating for awhile, it isn't easy, so Renee Brown is a professional matchmaker, relationship coach and founder of Corporate Cupid, has shared some essential dos and don'ts for your next date!  

"Masculine and feminine energy play an important role at the first date. Masculine Energy is about success, achievement, confidence and reaching goals. When women are describing what they are attracted to in a man its always successful, ambitious, confident men, almost disregarding looks entirely. Feminine energy is often perceived as sensual, soft and supportive combined with success," she explains. "With the above information in mind, align your masculine and feminine energy and keep it in mind the next time you have a first date. For the seasoned campaigner first dates may come easy, but for those who need a little more guidance here are my tips to have a successful first date":


Guys, you MUST be the leader

This is important. Book dinner, movie, concert or whatever it may be in advance. If a woman turns up and hears the phrase, "So um, what do you want to do?" your potential for a second date probably decreases by 50 per cent.

Use your initiative and take the lead. Plan a fun evening. Everybody gets stuck in a rut within everyday life so doing something fun will make her feel good. All women want to do is show up, follow your lead, get to know you and have a good time.

Be punctual

First dates are awkward enough as is, no one wants to be left waiting, wondering if they’ve been stood up!  If you are running late, always be courteous to send a quick text or call to express your apologise and let your date know you are on your way.

Take turns doing the talking – ask genuine questions only

Ask each other personal and professional questions that both will enjoy answering about life, dreams and past. By asking different questions and being genuinely interested in who your date is, conversation will flow and avoid those awkward silences. Women are emotional by nature so they connect with conversation, similar experiences and feeling understood and understanding.

Share stories to make each other laugh and steer away from the typical questions and engage with emotional questions. For example: Where are you from? Could be, what is the best memory about your home city growing up? What do you do for a living? Could be, do you remember the moment you discovered what you wanted to do, how did you know this was your passion?

Make a move

This can go back to the man taking the lead. You will see signs throughout the night that are important to pay attention too. Is there touching? Sitting close? Gazing? Laughing at your jokes? Read the signs and make your move with intention. Seize the moment, don’t wait!


Talk about negative experiences

Don’t talk about how hard your life has been, how your ex makes your life hell and how much you hate your boss as it will destroy attraction. People want to feel uplifted in your presence.  Women and Men want to feel positive and have a good time so talking about fun things and laughter is the key to a successful first date.

Talk about wanting a relationship

Straight away this will make the other person feel uneasy. Women especially are all about opening to receive love – but only when they feel safe to do so. Talking about a serious relationship too early could make you look like you’re coming on too strong – leave that one to the third date.

Discuss money

There is nothing more unromantic than discussing money on any level. Questions like How much you make, how much you don’t make, how much you want to make, how much your ex got, how much property you have, how big your boat is, how fast your car goes…. it’s all ego talk and not attractive.

By applying these fun and easy tips next time you’re on a first date, you will have the opportunity to get know each one another with the chances of many successful dates to follow.

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