Is clean sleeping the new clean eating?

We all know about eating clean, but how about sleeping clean?

Having a good “clean” sleep means waking up feeling refreshed and energised – instead of hitting the snooze button.

Sounds like a dream, but The Sleep Coach, Cheryl Fingleson, says that clean sleeping can also help to improve cognitive function, metabolism and concentration. Sign us up!

Here, Cheryl shares some key steps to have great sleep hygiene so you can live your best life.

Detox your room

Although putting your clothes away and dusting your room may be logical, Cheryl suggests a clean room shouldn’t stop there.

“Make sure there’s no paper work or other bits and pieces lying around that will keep our mind from relaxing,” she says.

After all, you can’t truly de-stress your mind with reminders of all the things you need to do the next day.

“It’s all about creating an environment where you can relax and switch off,” Cheryl explains.

Bedtime snacks

If you feel a bit peckish before bed, there's nothing wrong with having something to eat - just make sure it's the right bite.

Cheryl suggests having some banana or peanut butter to help curb sugar cravings without disturbing your sleep. If savoury food is more your thing, Cheryl says popcorn or hummus and pita will hit the spot.

“You can eat 15 to 30mins before you go to bed and remember to only eat a small amount,” she says.

Help release melatonin

Melatonin is naturally released in our bodies and helps to control the waking and sleeping cycle.

If your melatonin levels need a little help, Cheryl advises some sun therapy. “Getting away from fluorescent lighting is key – or if you really can’t get away from your desk, go for a walk after work,” she says.

And even though we’ve heard it all before, getting to bed at the same time every night will help adjust melatonin levels, too.

Perfect temperature

The temperature of your room will greatly help your clean sleep mission.

Cheryl explains that 18 to 21 degrees celsius is what your room should be sitting around for an optimum sleep.

“It’s much easier to fall asleep in a cooler temperature than it is in a warmer temperature,” she says. Open a window or put on a fan to help your room hit that sweet spot.

Restful sleep

While you may be sleeping for seven hours, it may not be the best quality sleep.

To try and get the best out of your shut-eye, Cheryl says meditating before bed or listening to gentle music can help to get you in the sleep mood. 

If you do find yourself having trouble getting to sleep or waking through the night, The Sleep Coach recommends trying some breathing exercises.

“Place your hand on your stomach and draw deep breaths so you can feel your hand rise and fall,” she says. “This technique will ensure that you’re not shallow breathing from your chest.”

Routine, but not as you know it

A lot of sleep-routine talk centres around what you do before going to bed, but what you do after waking can also help.

Cheryl explains that incorporating a regular breakfast time can really boost clean sleeping results. “It all comes back to consistency,” she says.

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