What does your rising star sign mean?

Your rising star sign reveals a lot more than you think.

Also known as your ascendant, your rising sign is the way others perceive you before they get to know you.

It is the first house of your natal birth chart, and so it is dependent on your time and place of birth. Think of your birth chart as a blueprint to your soul. The rising sign is the face you wear to the outside world. It's what people notice about you first: how you dress, style your hair, how you present yourself aesthetically and personality wise to others.

To calculate your rising sign you’ll need to know your time and place of birth. Rising signs change every couple of hours so the more accurate you can be, the better.

Once you have your birth time, visit a site like café astrology and enter your date of birth, birth time and where you were born to reveal your rising sign.

Read on to find out what your rising sign reveals about you. 


The first sign of the zodiac is known to rush through projects, making sure they use their fiery decisive energy to achieve goals. They are straight-shooters - energetic and impulsive.


The rising sign of Taurus is known to use their aesthetic abilities to methodically create beautiful projects, often building them with their hands. They grow beauty all around themselves with unparalleled perseverance.


While Gemini ascendants know many things, they tend to be a bit scattered because they want to know everything there is to know. They are excellent at networking and research, and often “know a guy”.


With the ascendent in Cancer, self-protection comes first. Keeping a guard up while also caring deeply about people they love is how the Cancer rising navigates with others.


Leo risings possess confidence that radiates through their mane of hair and their lionesque roaring voice. Often generous and loving to a fault, they let can their pride get in the way of them getting along with others.


Virgo rising people tend to be very invested in details, organised, and observant. They are patient and composed until they simply cannot anymore - then they “purge” as they are the purifiers of the zodiac. People will be surprised to see this, but it’s totally natural!


Using their charm to get what they want, Libra risings can often be viewed as indecisive, opting to ask others for guidance before making conclusions themselves. They are sociable but reserved.


The Scorpio rising is unmistakable. This sign has an unmatched and immeasurable depth and mystery about them. Their eyes radiate intensity, making them appear sultry. People want them, and when it’s mutual, you’ll know it!


Optimistic and jovial, the Sag rising is known for using their universal wisdom and powerful inner compass to relate to others and navigate through the wilderness of the world.


While the Capricorn rising does obey structure, they also use their earthy sensibilities to radiate their goodwill, strength, and beauty outwards to help and motivate others to reach their goals.


Aquarians are offbeat social justice warriors from birth. This rising sign is recognised for using their lofty knowledge and strong ability for innovative thinking for the good of all humanity.


Pisces ascendants are viewed as dreamers who move through the world led by their own uniquely misty visions, and no one else’s. This makes them the visionaries, hopeless romantics, and dreamers of the zodiac.

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