Your dreams, decoded

Remembering dreams can be extremely hard. After all, we forget 90 per cent of them. But the images we see in while we sleep are familiar visions which we see in everyday life: we dream what we know.

While not all symbols mean the same thing, many do. Our relationship with people, places, or things may differ, however, for the most part, some sensations mean the same thing.

Thanks to Freud and the phenomenon of dream journaling, we can recall our dreams and find meaning from within and through dream interpretation.

We explore the top 10 dreams throughout the world, along with their symbolism, for you to decode your dreams.


Pregnancy represents the desire to start a creative endeavour, the urge to produce something novel, beautiful and original you can be proud of. This makes sense, as the ultimate creation is a child.

Falling or flying

The sensation of flying signifies a need to escape the mundane and fly away from worries. Conversely, falling shows the downfall of pressures—caused by fears and anxieties.

Showing up late

Your dreams may have you showing up late "for a very important date," as a way for your subconscious to express your FOMO on a critical personal matter (a relationship, promotion, friendship).

Driving a car

Driving a car in a dream shows the need to run away from external pressures that are causing you to have endless anxiety. By driving a car, you are simply leaving a situation that is caused by stress and fears to fill your mind.

Meeting a celebrity

Are you seeking inspiration in your life? Most dreams in which a celebrity or famous person is present signify the need for mental and creative stimulation. We may subconsciously lust after the attributes of the celebrity or feel as though they represent a key essence, which will get our creative juices flowing.


Death, dying and funerals in dreams show the yearning within the self for transformation. Simply put, death closes one door, before opening a new door for the dreamer.


One of the most common dreams is test taking. An exam in a dream, whether it be at school or at work, represents stressful situations. Also, the need to stay on guard, as others may be plotting behind your back.


Cheating dreams occur when we feel a detachment from our partner. Whether it's you or your partner one stepping outside of the relationship is immaterial, as the dream represents a need for you both to spend quality time together.


Sex in dreams signifies the desire and need to control a situation or person. Another interpretation of sex in a dream is the need for the conscious mind to love the different parts of ourselves. Therefore, the act of sex is the merging of ourselves into one, before we expose our secrets.


We’ve all had this unfortunate dream, where we're standing naked in a crowd. Nudity in dreams represents vulnerability, which is very close to the feeling of being exposed.

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