Wellness Loading: Here's How to Digitally Disconnect

Are you addicted to your digital device? Well it may be time to upload some wellness. Here, best-selling health author and certified wellness coach, Andi Lew, taps into how you can digitally detox in a few simple steps.

Are you keen to ‘turn off’ so you can ‘tune in’ to your life? It's incredible how much social interaction, downtime and me time we miss out on thanks to the ever-demanding technology in our lives.

Health and wellness coach Andi Lew  says getting in tune with the things that make you tick – offscreen – rather than going cold turkey from your phone or computer is the way to go.

“Your valuable ‘digital detox’ time out, will help you to go back to your digital media with more purpose and productivity,” she explains.

Her idea of 'wellness loading' is all about being mindful and not getting caught up with the digital demands in your life.

“We've become so connected to our digital era and we get to meet more people and create more opportunity as a result of social media and the World Wide Web, but we can get a little distracted and mindless,” Andi points out. 

Here are Andi’s tips for Wellness Loading, in a few minutes, an hour, or a day!

15 Minutes:

  • Make mindful food. “Nurture via nature,” Andi encourages. “Our bodies are made up of about 70-80% water and so too our plants. If we eat as close to nature as possible; we feel more connected to the earth and ourselves,” she says. “We also hydrate through eating foods that are alive," she adds. "We are consuming water content that way too.”
  • Take some Time: You may think that few minutes you have free should be filled, but why not embrace its emptiness? Have a small notepad in your bag at all times and set intentions for the day, even if they are as base as ‘not raising your voice at the kids’, or ‘walking to get your coffee rather than asking a colleague to do so’. These little intentions add up to a greater sense of achievement. Also, if and when you can, get into nature. Even if it’s a few minutes in the front yard or sitting in a park at lunchtime instead of in the office.
  • Get in touch with your feelings and embrace the quiet, insists Andi. “It's all too often we have a rant on social media, but if we internally process, we can find we already have all the answers if only we were quiet enough to listen.”

One Hour:

  • If you can get some solace, have a bath or do yoga or meditation class, even if it's via a DVD at home. If you're living in a crowded house, make some craft with your kids. Sometimes, role playing and tapping into your inner imagination can be downright cathartic. And hilarious!
  • Call a friend or loved one and have a chat instead of emailing or texting, Andi suggests. “Better still, make a plan to visit each other.” Do a nature walk, visit a farmers market together or meet to walk your dogs instead of sitting in a noisy café!

One Day:

  • Book yourself in for a day spa or just one small treatment - even a manicure. This time alone with your feet up is essential for rebooting yourself. 
  • “Decide to connect with your community and give back,” Andi suggests. “Going #nextlevel might be acts of service like travel with purpose with my favourite groups; Hands on Journeys.  You can visit a country like Vietnam or Cambodia and help and make a difference to the people while you’re there,” she encourages.
  • Give back to your community. “It could be your neighbours or a local nursing home or children's hospital. “Ask to visit and keep people company or work in the soup kitchen," Andi suggests. You can also get the kids involved by reading with them to the elderly or even marking an Easter egg drop to a hospice on the family calendar. 

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