Weight Loss Super Food?

Almost every woman will struggle with their weight at one point in their life, whether it is a long term obesity issue, or just needing to drop those few stubborn extra kilos before a big event.

Now there is an all natural solution that can help you lose weight eighteen times faster without making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. This secret has been discovered and is now available to Australians as part of weight loss superfood, Super Slim.

African Mango actually helps your body to fight fat for itself.

Ten years ago scientists discovered a hormone in the body called Leptin that helps your body to regulate its fat stores. Leptin can identify excess weight in the body and eliminate it.

Unfortunately the westernised diet has led to Leptin resistance.

In other words the body does not recognise the Leptin telling it to eliminate fat. African Mango has been discovered to combat Leptin resistance and in studies has been proven to increase weight loss by 18 times.

African Mango is one of the key ingredients in new Australian product Super Slim. Super Slim is a unique blend of over twenty proven super food ingredients such as African Mango, Chia Seed, Goji Berries, Spirulina, Dandelion Leaf, Green Tea Extract, Inulin, Flaxseed, Parsley and more.

Super Slim is a chocolate flavoured powder that should be mixed with water, skimmed or soy milk to make a drink to take 30-60 minutes before lunch and dinner.

In addition to increasing Leptin sensitivity, the ingredients in Super Slim naturally increase the metabolism, blunt the conversion of carbohydrate to body fat, reduce carbohydrate absorption, reduce cravings, eliminate fluid retention and increase energy levels, all with no caffeine.

Super Slim costs $49.95 per 300g, working out at only $2.45 per serve or $4.90 a day, roughly the cost of a large coffee. Super Slim is available from www.superslim.com.au

*Oben et al. (2008) and Ngondi et al. (2009)

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Posted by Report
If you consume fatty food or meat for that matter and your using a fat blocker, you'll definitely end up having bowel incontinence as most of the fat blocked/removed are being eliminated. It's actually effective if that's whats happening but it isn't convenient for someone who works for a living everyday and would have such need in attending to these not-so ordinary nature call. Having said that, I prefer an appetite suppressant instead. Reason why I switched to Liproxenol.
Posted by Naresha27Report
I'm not one to sell weight loss products because everyone's body is different but I HAVE to give it up to Super Slim. I started my journey at a weight of 132kg. In my first six weeks, I lost 16.7kgs. I stuck to the diet (save for three days out of the whole six weeks where I ate and drank what I wanted). But I also wanted to up my fitness levels and get back in to the gym, so I was gyming it for 2 hours a day for five days a week. I then went off superslim for about 4 weeks (it was christmas, who could blame me lol) in my first two weeks off SS, I still lost a further 2kgs with not really paying attention to what I ate, the only thing is, my portion sizes were dramatically reduced. I am now back on to week 2 of my next six week stint and I have already lost 3.4kgs in my first week. This is definately a product that DOES work, if you have the committment to really stick to it. The only thing SuperSlim doesn't give me, is the extra cash I need to go shopping for new clothes LOL I am falling out of everything I own. But I am happy!
Posted by Report
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Posted by Report
for slimming reviews visit: www.azharg.com
Posted by Report
hi covenant i just bought a jar and it still has african mangoe . john
Posted by Report
Hi , its John here , do i have to take it one hour before meals or can i just have it twice a day at anytime and still get results ?
Posted by Report
I stopped smoking 2 months ago, and started snacking, I really felt the need for sugary food, especially in the afternoon....... Been using Super Slim for 7 days and my need to snack has disappeared from day 1. Have maintained my normal pretty healthy diet and attend gym at least 4 x per week as usual, have lost 2kg. My tub doesn't mention african mango in ingredients, there is so much fiber content. Whatever the case, it's helping!
Posted by Report
How do think your going now?
Posted by CovenantReport
Looks like they've extracted the African Mango Extract from the formula. Anyone have copy of any announcements about that? Anyone noticed a difference to how it works?
Posted by MaddalenaReport
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