Was it Animal Attraction at the Zoo?

Exclusive content from Episode 4 of The Only Way is Essex. Amy dishes the dirt on her date to the Zoo with Kirk.

So tell me about your date?

We went to the zoo. Me and Kirk had an absolutely brilliant day. I did actually say at the zoo, I did say "Oh my God, I can't believe that Kirk is actually taking me here” but when we got there we did actually have a really good time. I don't think I'd go back to the zoo, but we did have a really good time. We had a laugh. We saw all the animals. So that was it, we had such a good time.

How does it compare to other dates you've had?

So I've been on very different dates in the past. I've been for dinner, I've been to theme parks, I've been for like… Someone took me away for the day, so it is a bit different but I must admit I did really enjoy the zoo and it's been very different from my past dates. But I actually think – It's really weird, but if you're doing something that makes you laugh, then the date's good.

It looked really cold!

It was bloody freezing! But I'm all dressed up. I've got a big coat on and I look like an animal as well… Kirk looked like a zookeeper.

Did you have a favourite animal?
My favorite animal was the orangutan ‘cos I was comparing it to how orange I was. . I kept on getting my belly out and trying to touch the screen! So funny…

Was Kirk very flirty as you walked around?

Do you know, we were holding hands all day. We was walking ‘round for a few hours holding hands. Me and Kirk are always very flirty people so we obviously do have a bit of a flirt and then we had a bit of a kiss as well.

So Kirk and you have a kiss?
Well, I think it was the right moment for him to kiss me and he did, so it's good.

How would you rate Kirk as a kisser - out of ten?

I'd give Kirk - do you know what, I'm quite shy answering these questions! …I'd give Kirk a Nine out of Ten. Kirk is very good at kissing. He knows… um. This is going to sound terrible isn't it? He knows what to do, basically (laughs).

How's Kirk shaping up as boyfriend material?

Kirk – me and Kirk, we're getting along very well. We're texting a lot lately. Me and Kirk, we always will like each other. We're going to carry on going on a few more dates.
Kirk's getting quite a female following out there.
AAAAAH! (Laughs)

Do you think you're going to make a lot of people jealous?

I think I'm going to make loads of girls jealous. He's such a good boy and I get on so well with him. There's going to be a lot of girls wanting to be me, I think. Same for the boys though! Everyone's saying to Kirk "I'd love to be with Amy” so… (laughs) I'm only joking! Yeah…

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