Ultimate Bikini Body Workout

Want the leanest limbs and tightest buns on the beach? Try our Ultimate Beach Workout – for a last minute bikini bod!

Make the most of the last few weeks of summer by ditching the gym and taking your workout beachside! This simple, fun session packs a big cardio hit, while sculpting every part of your bod for a lean, toned look.

You can do this workout absolutely anywhere (even in your lounge room, promise!) but remember, getting active on the sand brings a double bonus – it forces you to stabilise and use your core, while recruiting more muscle fibres, meaning you’ll see results more quickly.

How To Use This Workout
For a last minute bikini bod overhaul, switch up your regular routine by completing this workout 2-3 times per week. Or for a weekend boost, drag your best friend, roomie, partner or kids out to the beach and just use it as a fun, competitive little Saturday or Sunday sesh!

What You’ll Do
First, warm up with a 10 minute walk or slow jog, mixed in with some dynamic stretching such as high knees on the spot, kicking your own butt with your heels, lateral lunges, toe touches, plank, hip raises.

Now That You’re All Warmed Up
Choose a spot for your workout and use sports cones, sticks, trees or even items of clothing to mark out two ‘lines’, which should be about 20m apart. If you’re indoors, use the two ends of your living room, or for a little extra cardio you could even use two totally different rooms to work between.

Below are two sets of exercises, plus one bonus ‘advanced’ set. For each set, you’ll start at your first marked line and complete 10 repetitions of exercise A there, before jogging across to the second marked line, where you’ll complete 10 repetitions of exercise B. From there, you’ll run back to the first marker and complete 9 repetitions of exercise A, then it’s over to the second marker for 9 repetitions of exercise B. Continue running between the two markers, completing one less repetition of each exercise with every round, until you get right down to 1 rep of each.

Now take a breather before moving on to your second set of exercises. Complete the third round if you dare!

A: Reverse Prisoner Lunges (one left and one right legged lunge = one total rep)
B: Push-Ups

A: Jump Squats
B: Swimming Superman

SET 3 – Advanced Round!
A: Burpees
B: Full V-Sit Crunches

Not sure how to do the above exercises? Check out our workout video, or read on for a brief explanation of each…

Reverse Prisoner Lunges:Start standing up, with your legs about hip width apart. Place your hands behind your head in the prisoner position (be sure to keep your elbows back and shoulder blades together to work those back muscles!). Now take a big step backwards with your left leg and lower yourself down until your left knee is about an inch off the floor. Now stand back up and repeat with your right leg. That’s one rep.

Push-Ups:Start in a high plank position, face down to the floor and balanced on your hands and toes (or knees for an easier option). Now lower your torso towards the ground until your elbows form a 90 degree angle. Push yourself back up to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Swimming Superman: This exercise develops strength in the back and shoulders. Start by lying on the ground, face down and with your arms overhead. Your palms are facing downward and both your hands and feet are raised 1-2 inches off the ground. Now raise your head and chest slightly, while lifting your arms and pulling your elbows backwards. Return to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Squat Jumps: Start in a deep squat position, with your thighs parallel to the ground. Now jump up as high as you can, reaching for the ceiling with your hands as you do so. Bend your knees as you land softly back into your squat. That’s one rep.

Burpees: Begin in a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you. Now jump your feet back to a push-up position. Immediately return your feet to the squat position before leaping up as high as possible (like a squat jump). That’s one rep. Repeat this chain of movements as quickly as you can until you complete all repetitions.

Full V-Sit Crunches:Start by lying flat on your back on a gym mat, with your arms stretched out behind your head. In one fluid movement, raise the legs and torso off the floor, bringing the hands to meet the feet. Ensure your arms and legs stay as straight as possible throughout the motion; your body should create a nice “V” shape. Pause briefly at the top of the movement, then return to your starting position. That’s one rep.

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