Trainer shares Elle's body secrets

Many women would pay a lot of money to look like supermodel Elle Macpherson, but getting your "best ever" body doesn't have to cost the earth, the star's personal trainer says.

James Duigan, whose other celebrity clients include actor Hugh Grant, says the secret is not fad diets or crazy exercise regimes.

It is simple, fresh, healthy food. Now he has written a book complete with diet, recipes, exercises and advice.

Q: Tell me about your book The Clean and Lean Diet.

A: "It is a blue-print for success in terms of getting lean and healthy. It is everything that I have been doing for the last 15 years to get supermodels and actors healthy and lean and feeling good."

Q: Can it work for anybody?

A: "Absolutely. (The girl on the cover) is my fiance Christiane (McMillan). It was a really conscious decision to have her on the cover because she is a normal Aussie girl and she, to me, really represents what it is all about. She is the embodiment of clean and lean and healthy."

Q: The diet you suggest is basically low carb and no sugar, this isn't really a new dieting idea is it?

A: "The trick is to figure out ways of making that achievable ... which is why we have got whole tables in their devoted to giving you alternatives. You can't just say `don't eat sugar'."

Q: The diet you give in the book is for two weeks, would you suggest staying on the diet permanently?

A: "You could stay on the diet permanently. It is not a life of denial. It is a life of eating lots of great foods from lots of different sources and never feeling hungry."

Q: You don't suggest doing a lot of rigorous exercise in the book, why is that?

A: "You don't need to be exercising yourself into the ground, that can often cause more stress on the body and put you in a state where you can't burn fat. It's all about finding that balance and not everyone who reads this book has an hour a day to exercise. You can do (the exercises in the book) ten minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. It's fine to say exercise an hour a day and eat only dust and lettuce, but it doesn't work because it is not achievable."

Q: You probably couldn't have got a better endorsement than Elle Macpherson for this book, but do you think she represents an unobtainable goal for most people?

A: "She is a shining example of what is possible when you really do live a clean and healthy way."

Q: How much exercise does Elle do?

A: "We do a normal session a few times a week. She has got two boys and a full-on lifestyle so she does what she can and she will snatch some time to do the metabolic circuit in the book and same with Hugh Grant or whoever else it is we are working with."

Q: How does Elle stay motivated?

A: "She is pretty self motivated, she understands that that is the way you live a healthy and happy life."

Q: You allow one "naughty food" a week in the diet, why is that?

A: "It is good for your head and your soul and also it actually helps you burn fat. The science behind it is it does jack your metabolism up, the influx, so then you start burning fat."

Q: Does Elle have a "naughty snack" each week?

A: "I am not going to say."

Q: People would love to know if she eats chocolate like the rest of us!

A: "Put it this way, everyone has a little bit of chocolate every now and then."

The Clean and Lean Diet is available now through Kyle Cathie rrp $27.99.

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