Torah Bright Talks Health

Torah Bright, 23, won gold at the 2010 Winter Olympics and the hearts of most Aussies with her healthy, happy glow. Here’s how she gets it!

Have you come back down to earth yet after your win? “Ha ha, I don't think I have touched ground yet!”

Where do you keep your medal? “It changes a lot actually, where ever it falls after a trip really… sock drawer, closet or with the rest of the trophies!”

Where did your passion for snowboarding come from? “I think it came from just wanting to be outdoors and going fast!”

How does it sculpt your body? “Well, you get a ghetto booty! Snowboarder bum… we all have it!”

What is your weekly exercise regime like when you’re training for a big comp? “The heavy training really happens during the small off-season there is. During the winter I listen to my body more than stick to a training regime. We spend such long hours outdoors in the harsh elements that it’s a little to much to ask of yourself to do it more than two times a week. A lot of time is spent recovering, too.”

How do you stay motivated to train and exercise? “It comes down to how it makes me feel afterwards. To be honest, I hate working up a puff unless I am outdoors doing something fun like tennis or soccer. To stay in the gym doing strength and cargo work I just have to remember how I feel aferwards.”

Have you taken the accelerator off now or are you still training hard? “My travel schedule has been so hectic since the Olympics that I have not kept to any type of regime. I try to get to hotel gyms, go for a run on the beach, whatever works really. The next few months I will get back into it to be fit and ready for winter in Australia and New Zealand.”

What’s in your “gym” bag? “A Roxy athletix outfit, runners, water and coconut water.”

Favorite workout song? “I actually don’t work out to musc, it’s too distracting for me.”

What is a normal day’s eating plan like for you? “Mostly greens and veggies ( at least one to two avocados a day) nuts and then a meat or bean protein meal each day.”

What is your biggest indulgence? “Chocolate. I have just discovered chocolate covered sunflower seeds and they are my new favourite thing!”

How do you look after your skin? “A really good, deep moisturiser and sunscreen are really important when on the mountain.”

How do you look after your hair? “Lucky for me my little sister is a great hairdresser and looks after it!”

What is the last thing you bought? “Mascara.”

What is the toughest challenge you have had to face? “Overcoming injury, fear and doubt to be able to perform at my best in the moment that mattered.”

What is your proudest career moment? “When I get my double flip in a contest run!”

How do you relax and chill out? “I like to watch a movie or have a bath.”

What is the best advice you have ever been given? “Do to others, as you would have them do to you.”

What are your plans now? “I’m about to get married and have a vacation!”

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