Top Tips for Looking Good and Feeling Great

Our Wellbeing Expert, Sam Sargent, gives her top 5 how-to tips to help you look good and feel great, and why these simple tips can help bring about more happiness to your life.

I wholeheartedly believe that when we look good, we feel great; and when we feel good, we look great; and that holistic sense of wellbeing overflows in to all aspects of our lives, bringing about more happiness, as well as kindness to ourselves and others. A small ripple of change in the world for each and everyone of us to contribute to, so that we can love the life that we live, and become happier, and therefore healthier versions of ourselves.

So, starting from today, I encourage you to make the effort to ‘look good’.  I’m not suggesting that you start dressing in a way that is uncomfortable for you, or to start wearing excessive amounts of makeup, or to copy someone else’s ‘look’.

What I am suggesting, is that you ‘show up’ on the stage of your life. Honor yourself. Respect yourself. Treat yourself as someone you love. Make an effort for you. It is common for us to place ourselves at the bottom of the list, in terms of caring. We become so busy looking after everyone else and meeting the needs of other people, but if we don't take the time, or make the effort to look after ourselves, then we run the risk of feeling exhausted and resentful. 

It may sound superficial to encourage you to focus on your appearance, but it really has a much deeper effect than superficial appearances. When you value You, when you take pride in You, and when you value your body and have fun with it, as opposed to hiding it and feeling embarrassed or ashamed based on other people’s judgments, you are inviting so much more to show up in your life. More joy. More fun. More opportunities.

For the next month make the effort to show up as how you would love to show up as, and see if it creates anything different in your life and state of happiness and wellbeing.

  • Wear the clothes that you love to wear. Don’t save them for that ‘one day’ or ‘special occasion’. Wear your beautiful lingerie. If you’re heading out for dinner, get dressed up. It's much better to be overdressed than underdressed. Plus, it’s fun!
  • Take a couple of minutes and put a little makeup on. Or, if you’re not the makeup kind of girl, apply a beautiful nourishing face oil to help bring out that healthy glow in your complexion.
  • Paint your toenails. Personally, I feel a zillion times more “made up” when I have bright toes sparkling back at me. It may sound silly. But it’s these simple little things that all contribute together to a version of me that looks better ... with the inevitable flow on effect of me feeling better too.
  • Improve your posture. Posture can add or subtract up to ten years to how you look. Add to that decreasing flexibility and limited range of motion, and not only do you look aged but you feel old.
  • Smile. Take a moment each and every day to think of all the things that you are grateful for and smile.

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