Top Baby Names for Girls and Boys

From wacky to wonderful, traditional to trending, baby names hold a personal appeal for any parent. So what has been the most popular in Australia for 2014? And what is trending - from here to Hollywood – in 2015?

Something old, something new, something fragrant, something blue! The most popular names in 2014 have included flowers, iconic street avenue addresses, trees and Italian towns. Here’s just a snapshot of the top 100.


1. Ava – Meaning ‘Life’ / Latin origin
2. Maddison – Meaning ‘Son of Maud’ / English origin
3. Jasmine – A Persian flower
4. Willow – From ‘Willow Tree’ / English origin
5. Imogen  - Meaning ‘Maiden’ / Celtic origin
6. Ruby – Meaning ‘Deep red precious stone’ / Latin origin
7. Scarlett – ‘Red’ / English origin
8. Mia – Meaning ‘Mine’ / Italian origin
9. Sienna  - Italian place-name or orange-red colour clay
10. Chloe – Meaning ‘Young green shoot’ / Greek origin


1. Henry – Meaning ‘Estate ruler’ / German origin
2. Lachlan – Meaning ‘From the fjord-land’ / Scottish origin
3. Noah – Meaning ‘Rest/Wandering’ / Hebrew origin
4. Jackson – Meaning ‘Son of Jack’ / English origin
5. Lucas – Meaning ‘Man from Lucania’ Latin form of Luke
6. Mason – Meaning ‘Worker in stone’ English occupational name
7. Hudson – Meaning ‘Hugh’s son’ / English origin
8. Luca – Meaning ‘Man from Lucania’ / Italian origin
9. Archie – Meaning ‘Truly brave’ Dimunitive of Archibald
10. Xavier – Meaning ‘Bright’ / Basque origin


A celebrity pregnancy holds much anticipation; both for the gender and the name of the child! Who could forget the furore Gwyneth’s ‘Apple’ sparked? Now, even that name seems positively tame. Recently, ‘Ivy’ and ‘North’ have become the most mind-boggling due to celebrity influence, but in a case of life imitating art, ‘Elsa’ has shot to the top of many popular name lists thanks to the Frozen influence (with even Olaf and Kristoff being widely registered also!) Daenerys and Tyrion spiked in some families  thanks to Game of Thrones and Ariana entering the top 100 girls names thanks to the chart-topper Ms Grande. What’s fallen from grace? Miley. Figures! Here are some popular celebrity names for 2014. Some wonderful, some slightly more widely questioned!

River, son of Megan Gale and Shaun Hampson
Apollo, son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
Sonny, son of Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake
Bodhi, son of Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer
Emerson, son of Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price

Rose, daughter of Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauric
Ophelia, daughter of Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum
Sunday, daughter of Mike Myers and Kelly Myers
Wyatt, daughter of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis
Esmerelda, daughter of Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes


Not everything old is new again, with the analysis of millions of universal birth records – dating back over 100 years – showing that some names are no longer used at all. Ancestry shows that many of the traditional names are almost obsolete, with more girl names disappearing than boys, partly due to male monikers being handed down the generations as first names, whereas girls names can get enclosed in the family tree as a middle name as they are handed down. The shining light in name legacies is that many parents pay homage to ancestors long gone by naming their children after them, so trends will show that older names always keep popping up in modern times. In 2014, Lily, Lydia, Patrick and Joe were popular nods to the past.


Names trending for 2015 are vast and varied, hip and so hot right now. The playgrounds and boardrooms of the future will be ringing with these names if trending tomes are anything to go by!

o Romy – Combination of Rose and Mary
o Suzette – Meaning ‘Lily’ or French diminutive of Susannah
o Minnie – Meaning ‘Of the mind, intellect’ / Latin origin
o Pandora – Meaning ‘All gifted’ / Greek origin
o Tessie – Meaning ‘To reap, gather’ / Greek origin
o Wren – An English bird

o Auden – Meaning ‘Old friend’ / English origin
o Orson – Meaning ‘bear cub’ /  Latin and English origin
o Byron – Meaning ‘Barn for cows’ / English origin
o Ignatius – Meaning ‘Fiery’ /  Latin origin
o Lennon – Meaning ‘Small cloak or cape’  / Irish origin

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