Top 6 Diet Tricks!

You’ve happily indulged - now take your pick—one and a half hours climbing stairs, three and a half hours cleaning the house, or two and a half hours riding your bike. That’s the amount of time it will take you to burn off that medium-sized slice of cheesecake.

Thinking in these terms is one of many strategies used in resisting temptation. It’s often difficult to balance your desire to eat dessert and other tempting treats with your desire to lose weight or get in shape. Here’s a handy guide to keep you motivated and on track:

H Have a healthy pre-party snack
It is always a great idea to fill up on fiber-rich foods such as apples, raw vegetables or a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter. Fiber adds bulk to your diet and keeps you fuller longer. This translates into more will power in the face of a party buffet or fancy dinner.

E Exercise
The key to weight management is to stick to a regular exercise routine. Quite simply, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. So, if you stop exercising over periods of time and eat more, you will eventually put on a few (or more) kilos.

A All things in moderation
Whatever your favorite treat is, don’t deprive yourself completely. Occasionally, you should enjoy the heartwarming qualities of your favorite things…in moderation. Food for thought: Plan to choose your one favorite goody ahead of time, and eat a very small portion.

L Leftovers shouldn’t stay over
Cookies left sitting on your countertop will relentlessly call your name all week long. If you have leftovers from guests or a party, send the leftovers home with them. Or, take them to the office to share with colleagues.

T Time not eating should be cherished
Develop relaxing habits and pick up hobbies that will keep your hands busy and your mind occupied on something other than food. If you tend to snack while watching TV, try knitting.

H Hydrate
Drink water. If you are feeling the temptation to indulge, have a glass of water first. This can sometimes be enough to turn off your hunger pangs. Sodas, fruit juices and alcohol are typically loaded with calories. And remember, drinking alcohol will decrease your ability to keep a clear head at any table.

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