Top 5 Ways To Revitalise Your Lunch Break

Don't waste your lunch break sitting down. Follow these five tips to refresh, recharge and re-energise - without having to hit the gym!

If you’re busy at a desk job all day, spending long hours in the car or taking public transport to and from work, then chances are you’re sitting way too much.

The reality is that we can’t always achieve work/life balance, but you can definitely find time during the day to get moving without breaking a sweat. There’s a lot of the be said for effective fitness and working out without even realising it. Especially when you only have an hour and can’t come back to the office sweaty and out of breath, rushing into your next meeting.

Follow these top tips to revitalise your lunch break today!

1. Walk and talks

Turn your meetings upside down and connect with your colleagues with a walk and talk. Either stroll the corridors, or grab some fresh air to discuss key topics then come back and write up the key points.

2. Nano breaks - My 1% rule

The 1% Rule is to put aside 15 minutes a day to pause and focus on wellbeing. Plan the session in your agenda, make it transparent for others to see. Set reminders on your computer to take a nano break and get up and step away from your screen. Go talk to someone in another department instead of sending an email, grab a glass of water or use the time on creative work and problem solving with a quick stroll. You could even do some subtle stretching!

3. Ditch the lift

Use stairs and don’t take a taxi to meetings around the corner. Walking gets fresh oxygen into your body and your brain. Allow time so you don’t arrive rushed, but rather use the fresh air as a way to re-order your thoughts and set yourself up for a quality meeting.

4. Be posture aware

Using your core is not just at the gym. Pull your belly button to your spine while you are sitting, standing, walking and talking. It’s a constant way to work your abs and no-one will notice. You could even do it while you are reading this...

5. Use a stand up desk

If you really feel you need to be glued to your computer, then make sure you work standing up and take regular breaks. Limit your time sitting down. We're more likely to go over and talk to a colleague than sit there and send an email across the hallway when we use stand up work stations.

Ultimately, productivity is not just about being present. It’s about using your time wisely and disconnecting devices so you can reconnect with your body and mind. Being healthy at work is a blend of effective ideas and smart use of time. Implement what you can maintain. Try something new this week and you may be surprised at what you can get out of your day.

If you're a leader at work - why not lead by example and set a culture of 'healthy, wealthy and wise' by making your wellbeing time a priority for you and your co-workers.

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