Top 5 Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Fancy a cuppa? Herbal tea is known for being tasty and a great caffeine-free pick-me-up, but it also has lots of wonderful health benefits.

From helping to clear your skin to calming a troubled mind, herbal teas have all sorts of healing powers. Here are the top 5 health benefits for those looking for a natural detox.

1. Want to kick start your day the right way? If you’re looking to get off the coffee wagon, herbal tea is a great natural pick me up that’s free from the dehydrating and acidic qualities of coffee. Herbs like rooibos leaf, honeybush leaf and red ginseng promote vitality, enliven the mind, and are famed for their ability to encourage endurance and longevity. Kick your caffeine dependence with a healthful morning brew of uplifting herbs, like Pukka’s Morning Time blend.

2. Feeling a bit under the weather? Herbal teas can warm the digestive system, clear congestion and can pep you up when you’re feeling sluggishness. Blends like Pukka’s Revitalise can kick start your digestive system and clear your chest, thanks to a warming blend of invigorating herbs like cinnamon, ginger root, green tea, spearmint and orange peel. The spicy blend is a great pick-me-up too, which will boost vitality and encourage a healthy glow when drunk throughout the day.

3. Need to unwind? If you’re feeling stressed out, irritable or anxious, a soothing herbal tea may provide the relaxing remedy you’ve been looking for. Herbs like chamomile flower, oat flower and ashwagandha root can help alleviate a variety of stress-related symptoms and relieve tension. For a soothing blend, try Pukka’s Relax which contains a calming blend of organic herbs that have been used for centuries to treat nervous disorders and help the body adapt to different stresses.

4. Need a break from breakouts? If you’re with the majority of Australians that have suffered from troublesome skin, Pukka’s Cleanse might be your ticket to a clear and healthy complexion. Containing cleansing herbs like nettle leaf and dandelion root, the purifying blend cleanses and nourishes the body, reduces skin inflammations and detoxifies impurities for a glowing complexion without the need for countless lotions and potions. 

5. Keen on a spring clean? With spring just around the corner, you can give your body a natural spring clean with detoxifying, digestive blends like Pukka’s Detox. Containing renowned detoxifier aniseed, fennel seed to settle digestion, cardamom and coriander seed to clear congestion, and licorice root and celery seed to heal and detoxify skin, you can give your body a detox from the inside out. 

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