Top 3 Personality Types to Avoid at Work

Find out more about the top three personality types to avoid at work.

Have you ever had to work alongside someone who lies, cheats, and always takes credit for other people’s ideas? In Jennifer Granger’s 20 years as a corporate insider she certainly did, and began to take note of distinct personality traits that helped to quickly identified them.  

Below she provides her tips on how to recognise and avoid these top three workplace offenders:

1.      The Power Hungry Worker 

One of the key struggles in the workplace is the desire for power and position. She might have been born a woman and dresses as a woman, but there is nothing feminine about her. Behind her façade, she is cunning and manipulative, excellent at networking and at office politics. She will select the most advantageous person in the company and then eliminate all competitors in her way. She’ll then ride on coattails all the way to the top, while the person wearing the coat is usually blissfully unaware of how he or she is being played.

2.    The Office Flatterer   

He craves position, power and authority over others. But because he is not usually particularly talented, he relies on ‘street smarts’ to get where he’s going. He is a masterful flatterer but don’t be taken in. You’ll know him because he just doesn’t get anything done himself; it’s all talk and show.  Underneath his dapper appearance, he both fears and envies truly ‘masculine’ men, so he prefers instead to surround himself with masculine-oriented women, the Good Doers of the workplace. Good Doers are women who have a healthy balance of their feminine and masculine energies, and they are highly capable. They serve his purposes because they will do his work for him.

3.      The Lazy Worker 

She arrives at work well dressed, but she is only there to find someone to work for her. Extremely self-centered, she is on the hunt for an eligible colleague to make her permanent slave so she can avoid doing anything. So while she might work for an Executive Director or CEO right now, it is really her intention to direct him into her lair. Men in particular: if you see her coming: run, don’t walk!

Jennifer Granger worked as a corporate insider on four continents over a 20 year period before becoming a transformational coach. Living now in Melbourne, she is the author of a new book, Feminine Lost: Why Most Women are Male. For more information, visit

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