Top 10 Weirdest Celebrity Dieting Trends

We've all tried a crazy diet (or two) but celebrities know how to commit to the crazy. 

With photo shoots, TV and red carpet appearances, there's no doubt pressure for stars to stay in tip-top shape. Here's our verdict for the ten weirdest dieting trends celebrities have adopted.

1. Placenta Pills

Following the birth of her son, January Jones is said to have had her own placenta dried, crushed, put into capsules and ingested, in an attempt to shed the baby weight.

2. The Grapefruit Oil Diet

Not to be confused with the Grapefruit Diet, Jennifer Lopez reportedly prefers to carry a vial of the oil extract in the hopes that the aroma will kick liver enzymes into high gear and promote weight loss.

3. The Ice Cube Diet

A serial yo-yo dieter, Renee Zellweger resorts to simply eating ice cubes to shed the extra weight gained from movie roles.

4. The Seven Day Colour Diet

Christina Aguilera is said to have devoted each day of the diet to a different colour (white, red, green and so on). By day seven, you have eaten a rainbow of colours.

5. The Fish Facelift

Said to improve dieter's skin, energy and assist in weight loss, Kim Cattrall ate three pieces of salmon a day.

6. Lollipop Diet

Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham sucked on Sukitz Lollipops, a line of sugar-free candy containing African mango extract to suppress hunger.

7. The Hard-Boiled Egg Diet

While filming Cold Mountain, Nicole Kidman lived on eggs alone. The star ate a hard-boiled egg for breakfast and lunch, followed by two eggs for dinner.

8. pH Diet

Kirsten Dunst follows this diet which balances alkaline to acidic foods in order to improve overall health. The ideal ration is 70 percent alkaline to 30 percent acid.

9. Cabbage Soup

Sarah Michelle Gellar adopts the 'cabbage soup diet' for weight loss. It involves eating nothing but cabbage soup, except for a couple of other fruits and veggies, for seven days.

10. Baby Food Diet

Reese Witherspoon follows the 'baby food diet' as her go-to weight loss plan. Reese swaps breakfast for baby food, and then has a proper meal for dinner.

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