Top 10 Fitness Training Tips

Inject these 10 tips into your daily routine to start supercharging your gym routine!

Are you sick and tired of putting in the effort at the gym and not seeing results? Fitness guru Deanna Blegg shares her top tips on how to get the results you desperately want"

1.  Turn the T.V. Off
When working as a personal trainer I heard time and time again how  people just didn't have time for exercise.  Later I'd talk about a TV show, or ask what their favourite show was.  They'd rattle off a list of things they watched.
TV Sucks away Time.  Time that could be used for better things like exercising or sleeping.  Switch it off.

2. Put the phone down
another Modern day time waster.  Do you know how many hours are wasted fiddling on your phone.  Social Media, Games, Texting.  It all adds Up.  Put it down.
Go for a run (without the phone).

3. Find something that will keep you fit and that you love to do.
Many people ask me what exercise is best for Loosing weight. My question back is "what do you love to do?" I encourage people to find something they are passionate about and just do it.  It is no use telling people to ride a bike if they have a fear of riding around cars, or swimming if they dislike water.  Exercise has to be fun and easy to do.  If it becomes difficult then the excuses get easier.

4. Find your training time zone and do your best to get it done then.
I am an early bird when it comes to training.  The sooner I get out and do it the better.  the longer I leave it the easier it is to find something else to do.

5.  Mix it up.
Keep your training interesting by mixing it up.  Try new sports and experiment with cross training.  To be a better and stronger athlete make your body strong in as many ways as possible.  My main sport is running.  I paddle, ride, swim, do cross fit, yoga, and dabble in a variety of other sports.

6.  Get plenty of sleep
A fresh and vibrant body want to exercise.  A tired and underslept body will find many excused not to get out and train.  Sleep is so important and really overlooked.  I get 7-10 hours sleep a night.  normally 9 on average.

7.  Have easy training sessions.
A lot of people think you have to "Go hard or go home", or If you don't vomit from a workout you are not trying hard enough.
Imagine every workout being so tough that it hurt.  Wow. I certainly wouldn't want to do that day in and day out.  Sure here and there I do a hard session.  80% of my training is done at a comfortable rate.  I find the "love".

8. Recovery Sessions are Vital
I know some people find it hard to have a day off, or rest for a week after a tough race.  The body and mind NEEDS to recover.  It is real and it is necessary.  Recovering properly helps you improve.  Training too much does not.

9.  Eating good food gives you vitality.  When you feel Vital you have energy and enthusiasm.
What you eat effects your performance.  Eat foods that are alive.  these foods contain so much more "life" than dead foods.
By live foods I mean Fresh Fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts (in their natural form)eggs, honey etc.  When you eat an apple its cells are still living.  It still has life.  Man may be able to reproduce so much in a factory however they can not recreate that "life". Frozen food is dead.  Dried food is dead. Canned food is dead.

10. Exercise without gadgets.
Smile.  Unplug yourself from technology.  Feel your heart beat.  Listen to your self breath. Look at nature around you.  Get in touch with yourself.  Who cares how many calories you've burnt.  How many kilometres you've run, or how long you have exercised for.  isten to your body and learn what it is telling you.

Deanna will be representing our nation as part of Under Armour’s Team Australia at the WORLD’S TOUGHEST MUDDER – a 24 hour challenge in Las Vegas on November 15.

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Posted by Norman51Report
Cool Simple article - This outlines that for some people that might want to change their lifestyle habits, according to your article that making a transition to a healthier lifestyle is quite simple. I love number (1) Turn the T.V OFF.