Tips for Preventing Holiday Weight Gain

Most of us know the feeling of returning from vay-cay only to find the plane seat has gotten significantly smaller. Learn how to stop holiday weight gain without giving up a thing!

Some of us point the finger at airline cutbacks, but in our heart of hearts, we know that it can be chalked up to nothing but the horror story that is holiday-weight-gain! But you mustn’t feel alone. The average Australian usually gains around 1.5kg while travelling.

Nutritionist for USANA Health Sciences, Ravinder Lilly says, “Holidays should be a time to kick back and enjoy yourself; but this doesn’t mean that you have to pack on the kilos. There are straightforward ways to get your holiday indulgence on whilst still managing your weight.”

Ms Lilly shares her expert tips for halting weight gain without sacrificing your favourite luxuries:

1) Drink water out of taller glasses - Our tricky minds often confuse thirst with hunger, and a lot of the time a feeling of hunger actually goes away after drinking water. So next time you feel a slight hunger pang, reach for the water first. Water also assists your metabolism and helps your body to digest food quicker. So, being hydrated can help your body can burn calories faster!

2) Ask for sauce on the side - When dining out always ask for ‘sauces and dressings on the side. Restaurants often use hefty amounts of butter,  cream, wine and artificial flavourings to make their sauces delicious. Before you scoff at the thought of sauce-less food, remember that there’s no need to cut it out completely. Ordering it on the side will simply make you more aware of how much you are consuming each meal. And, opt for tomato and veggie-based sauces instead of the creamier kinds.

3) Talk more while you’re eating - Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Research shows that being social and talking during a meal often results in fewer calories being consumed. This is because you’ll eat slower, giving your mind the time to process how full you really are. Most scientists tend to agree that it takes your brain close to 20 minutes to tell your body when enough is enough, so the longer the banter, the better! 

4) Stand up at the bar -  It’s not just what you drink, it’s where you drink. Standing burns nine times more calories than sitting. And, sitting for excessive periods of time has been found to be as bad for your health as cigarettes. It affects the heart and increases risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. By standing, you are not only burning calories, you’re helping your heart as well.

5) Take it easy on the free bread - By saying no to the temptation of filling up on pre-meal bread you could be saving yourself thousands of calories! ‘Careless snacking’ or eating for the sake of it can easily take you over your daily energy requirements while providing little to no nutritional benefits. Also, enjoying your main without being full from bread is far more satisfying!

Ravinder Lilly is a nutritionist at USANA.

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