Three Quick Workouts with Great Results

Find yourself lacking the time to exercise? No more excuses! These can be done in front of your TV, or on your lunch break

Personal trainer Greg Stark's motto is "doing something is always better than doing nothing."

So, to help the time- and money-poor, he has curated a fantastic workout you can do anywhere at any time - and within 15 minutes!

Greg is a fan of high intensity interval training - "a time effective solution when it comes to fitness and fat loss."

"With as little as four minutes, four days a week you can see similar results to five days of 60 minutes of moderate exercise," Greg claims.

For the following exercises, Greg recommends doing as many reps as you can within a 30 second period, or holding the pose for 30 seconds. Then take 30 seconds off. Do this three times for each exercise in the three workouts.

Next time you're just hanging out in front of the TV, drop and do a few of these instead: 

Flat Tummy Workout 

A) Plank Knee Touch: start on your toes and hands in a high plank position. Touch your right hand to left knee as you bring your knee in towards your chest. Focus on keeping a neural level spine. Alternate continuously.

B) Plank Walk Out: Start in high plank position slowly walk your hands as far as you. If you are feeling it in your lower back, shorten your range. Then walk back raising your hips to the ceiling.

C) Break Dancer: start in a high plank position. Take one hand off the ground, and rotating your torso towards the raised arm. Finish the position with your arm vertical to the ground while keeping both your feet in contact with the surface and not allowing your hips to sag. Return to the starting position and transition to your other arm.

Buns of Steel Workout

A) Walking lunges: Take a long stride forward so that your whole front foot remains flat on the floor and you are on the toes of your rear foot. Bring your rear foot forward in a walking motion and advance to the next lunge. You should feel your front leg doing all the work.

B) Ice skaters: stand on one leg bend your knee and hip, keeping your center of gravity low. Jump to the side landing in the same position. To increase demand reach down low with the opposite hand to leg you are standing on.

C) Glute Bridges: Lie on your back, legs bent and your feet flat on the floor. Push your hips up towards the ceiling, lower yourself down and lightly touch the floor. You can do this exercise one leg at a time to increase demand.

The Ultimate Arms Workout 

A) Raised Hands Push Up: to make your push ups easier, start with your hands on a raised stable surface, such as a bench at waist height. Focus on leading with your chest not your head or stomach.

B) Plank Up Downs: start in a high plank position, then slowly lower yourself one arm at a time down to your forearms. Then return to the starting position. This is a great one to increase abdominal strength and shoulders.

C) Push Up Flys: you can do this one from your knees. Start by taking your left hand out to the left and do a push up. Then transition your whole body to the right and push up. Repeat side to side.

Greg Stark is a personal trainer at Better Being and a Lululemon Ambassador. 

This content is not intended to be used as individual health or fitness advice and cannot substitute for the advice of a medical, health or fitness professional. Please consult your health care provider before taking part in this or any other exercise program. LifeStyle YOU and the author do not take any responsibility for accident or injury caused as a result of this information.

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