The Top 10 Diet and Fitness Secrets of a Celebrity Trainer

Tiffiny Hall is fit, fun and firing up Australians double time. Here, the Australian TV personality, expert trainer and Sixth Dan Black Belt Master Instructor shares her top 10 health and fitness secrets with us!

As she gears up to launch her monthly online program TIFFXO on November 7 - which includes a variety of martial arts inspired interval exercises, delicious, easy meal plans, self-defense advice and mindfulness tactics for modern life - we managed to get Tiffiny Hall to sit still for 10 minutes (well, almost) to share her top fitness secrets: 

1. An Apple (Cider Vinegar) a Day Keeps The Bloat at Bay!

By drinking apple cider vinegar each morning on an empty stomach, you are setting the gut up for success, Tiffiny assures. "The natural probiotics are great, and will help out with digestion for the day." One tablespoon in a large glass of water should do the trick

2. Go Double Or Nothing For Dinner

Although 'it's never ‘nothing’ for dinner" Tiffiny corrects, "cooking a dinner-and-a-half to have a healthy lunchbox ready for work the next day," is a fantastic habit to form to avoid unhealthy snacking. Alternatively, prep food on a Sunday afternoon - such as hearty soups you can freeze - and also prep your salads and snacks in air-tight containers for the week. 

3. Stre-e-e-tch

Stretching should be done two to three times per week "minimum!" Tiffiny cautions. "Do it in front of the TV, on the phone to mum or fresh out of the shower," she suggests. "It’s great to unwind body and mind, to focus, and to get back some of that flexibility after sitting at a desk all day!"

4. Eat Your Way To Better Event Prep

As we head into spring and summer's cocktail party seasons, it's easy to gain unwanted weight simply by snacking on small canapes around the clock!  "So, if you’re heading to an event where there will be lots of calorific canapés testing your self-control, make it easier for yourself," Tiffiny suggests. "Have a meal or smoothie before going out so you're not starving or eating unconsciously."

5. Drink Dandelions. Double Time!

If you suffer from bloating, an excellent remedy to adopt is dandelion tea. "It will help you to de-bloat, and will contribute to reducing fluid retention," Tiffiny assures. Try swapping other drinks, coffee or even alcohol at night for one of these soothing brews. 

6. Set Firm Goals On Your Fridge

Got a few magnets spare? Then utilise all that fridge space with some affirmations and intentions to guide you towards greater wellbeing, Tiffiny suggests. "So when you go to eat something a bit naughty you're reminded of where you want to be."

7. Get Fishy A Few Times A Week

Adding fish to several meals a week is an absolute win for your health and weight, Tiffiny says. "The Omega 3 will help you to beat stress, and the fatty acids will boost your mood," she says. "There are loads of delicious fish recipes in my 'TIFFXO plans." 

8. Visualize Renewed Vitality

"Research suggests the brain can't tell the difference between experience and visualisation," Tiffiny explains. "So put that head to good use! Visualize yourself achieving your goals to feel powerful, energetic and more motivated." Then actually doing that training session or run, swim or yoga class is not so foreign!

9. Schedule Yourself In

'Me Time' is a must, says Tiffiny. "Lock it in. Make it a date. Once it’s in the diary you’re halfway there," she encourages. "You wouldn't want to cancel on a friend or a meeting, so grant yourself the same respect." 

10. Drink To Good Health

Sometimes we confuse thirst for hunger, and instead of reaching for the H20 our body craves, we reach for calorie-loaded snacks. "If you’re hungry, you need to eat, but sometimes you’re just bored or thirsty," Tiffiny points out. "If you’re feeling hungry long before mealtime, have a big glass of water before reaching for a (healthy) snack, just in case!"

BONUS Tiff Tip

Better Out(side) Than In!

Got some sugar languishing in your pantry? Then don't throw it out just yet, Tiff says. Instead, take it into the bathroom and put it to good use! "The best body scrub is sugar! It helps to rejuvenate the cells and remove fake tan," she explains. " You’ve worked so hard on your body, so treat it right. Not only will this save you money at the cosmetic counter, but it also gets any excess sugar out of your kitchen. For good!

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