The simple 7-minute workout you can do anywhere!

Bare foot and fancy free – this easy 7-minute workout from our regular fitness contributor, Sam Wood, doesn’t require shoes!

I love training without my shoes. Actually feeling the ground, spreading your toes and having a better sense of where your body is in space.

I also love the idea of people getting their workout in wherever they are and whenever they can. Whether that is in your lunchbreak at work or while the kids are having a nap, I really believe that 28 minutes is all you need and you should be able to get it in whenever it suits you.

If you are at work wanting to squeeze in a workout during your break but have forgotten your shoes in the morning rush or if your baby is sleeping and you can’t make too much noise, I have created a great little balance, strength and core routine that you can do anywhere, any time and without any shoes. 

(Repeat it four times and you'll hit my magic number of 28 minutes!)

1) Slow Mountain Climbers in Pushup Position

Ensure your hands stay under your chest and don’t shrug those shoulders.

2) Alternating Deep Side Lunges

Remember the leg that we are stepping with bends, while the other leg stays straight and get as deep as your flexibility allows.

3) Plank

Try squeezing your butt to really engage those deep core muscles – and remember don’t hold your breath.

4) Slow Leg Lowers

Go low, go slow and keep your lower back in contact with the floor or mat at all times.

5) Sumo Squat Pulses

With a wide stance it is easy for the knees to roll in. Really focus on pushing the knees out over the big toes and pushing the butt back - keeping your weight through your heels.

6) Alternating Warrior Pose (hold for 5 seconds on one side and change)

Get a deep stretch and burn with complete balance and control before swapping legs.

7) Downward Dog

Imagine someone is lifting your hips up towards the ceiling and let your head fall in a nice relaxed position. (Oh dear, my flexibility really needs work)

Do as many reps as you can in one minute and repeat 4 times.

For more easy and convenient 28-minute workouts, my next 28 program begins on Monday February 6.

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