The Real Mark Wright: The Only Way is Essex

Exclusive content from Episode One of The Only Way is Essex. Discover who the real Mark Wright is, as told by his best friend James.

Tell us about you and Mark...

"I've been best friends with Mark for about five years. We've had many wild nights out. The wildest was probably the West End. Long and short of it, it was just carnage. There were birds everywhere - that sort of thing."

Would you say that Mark is a ladies man?

"Mark's definitely a bit a of ladies man, yeah. He don't find it hard to get a bird, put it that way."

What about Mark and Lauren?

Mark and Lauren have been on and off with each other for nine years, so they're a massive part of each other's lives. But having met at such a young age they've both wanted to experience things, they've both had their fun throughout. If they've been able to stick together for the nine years, having all their fun and doing their bits and bobs, then maybe they can last. They could end up together. I'm sure they will.

What part of his body does Mark think with?

Mark always says to me "You've got to start thinking with you head more and stop thinking with your heart.” He says sometimes I think too much with my heart and not enough with my head. He's good like that. Good at playing games with the girls. He's got his head screwed on.

Do you think he could teach you a thing or two?

He's helped me out in the past year. He likes to think of himself as a bit of a "Hitch”. He's given me a lot of advice. Sometimes I've found, especially with my ex-girlfriend Lydia, that his advice has actually worked the opposite way and it has actually made things a lot worse! But in some circumstances his advice does work.

What's the best tip he's ever given you?

The best tip he's ever given me… I don't know. Probably don't turn around with a bird once I've broken up with her. Just don't call her or whatever. Actually, no. He probably hasn't given me that many good tips, because every time he's given me advice it's gone bad. Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen. He likes to do that, yeah.

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