The new dating terms you should know for finding love in 2020

In the 21st century, the language of love is ever-changing. Here is a list of new words entering the modern dating lexicon. 

Internet dating and dating apps are normal when it comes to finding love in the 21st-century. Like every other subject online, relatable and, usually, previously undiscussed romantic happenings get meme-ed through catchy turn of phrase.

Words that originated from the digital dating world are now integrated into our everyday vocabulary, such as "ghosting" and "catfishing." There are new terms every day.

Here's a new list of dating words to send you into 2020 prepared:

Fleabagging - When you continuously date people who are completely wrong for you. It is named after the iconic Phoebe Waller-Bridge character from her hit show, Fleabag

Flashpanning - This is for those who love the initial spark, but grow bored easily. Flashpanning involves getting into relationships fast so you can enjoy the exciting honeymoon period, but then immediately moving on to another relationship once the beginning thrill is gone. 

Caspering - Friendly ghosting. It's ghosting, but you keep things light and offer an explanation before distancing yourself. 

Obligaswiping - When you're pretty non-committal to whole the dating app process. Maybe you've even deleted it and re-downloaded a couple of times. You're just compulsively swiping right with no intention of taking it to the next level and actually meeting anyone in person. 

Cause-play - This refers to those exes who reach out after a long period of no contact. You think maybe they miss you, maybe they want to apologise. But no - they want you to contribute to a Kickstarter for their short film or sponsor them in a charity run. It's just cause-play.

Exoskeleton-ing - When an ex of your current partner contacts you through social media, attempting to reveal the skeletons in their closet. 

Yellow carding - In a soccer game, a yellow card is an official warning. Similarly, in today's dating world, yellow carding is providing your partner with a verbal call-out for bad behaviour.

Glamboozled - When you've spent ages getting all glammed up for a date, only to have them cancel at the last minute. You can't help but feel like you've been cheated out of a good look. It's a waste of foundation - you've been glamboozled! 

Typecasting - This is for those who trust the advice of a magazine astrologer over their best friends. Typecasting is selecting partners based purely on which star signs are best suited with yours. 

So, don't obligaswipe in 2020 - get out there! But, if you get glamboozled, don't be afraid of yellow carding.

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