The look of love!

Is he interested? Here’s how to read his body language and find out what he’s really thinking.


Take note of the tilt of a guy’s head. If it’s down, he’s trying to hide something. If it’s titled to the side, he’s flirting. Guys who talk with their heads cocked back are often sure of themselves.


A guy’s eyes are the best indicator of his feelings. Dilated pupils mean he sees something he likes while looking to the side means a person feels guilty. You can spot a liar by the direction their eyes move when they’re speaking. To the right (your right) and they’re remembering details. To the left and they’re making something up. It’s usually reversed for lefties.


We’re still primal animals at heart so when a man spies a woman he’s attracted to, he unconsciously begins to preen. Another positive body language gesture to look out for is pushing a hand through his hair or fixing his tie.


When men get aroused their lips automatically part. So instead of watching “down there” stare at his lips for a sexual hint!


Men are easily distracted by their mates, beer, footy, even bright lights! Just because he’s not making eye contact doesn’t mean he’s not into you. Look where his chest is facing – this is the most meaningful thing in the room to him.


Did you know our brain has a special region that only processes hand movements? Watch his carefully! If his hands gesture in your direction or if they linger in front of his groin he’s feeling “it” too.

Sitting with legs wide open on a barstool shows he’s being receptive and honest. Both good indicators that he’d like to buy you a drink!


Does the cute guy at work shift his weight back and forth on his heels every time he chats to you? His shoes aren’t too tight, he’s just nervous. It’s like knee trembling which usually means he’s keen!

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