The Latest in Fat Loss Treatment: CoolSculpting

We tested out the latest fat loss procedure, CoolScultping, with some great results. 

This winter, like many before it, I noticed the annual tightening of clothes and muffin top straining against my jeans.  Instead of suffering through another year of sucking in my stomach, I went in search of the latest fat blasting techniques and come across a hot, new treatment all my girlfriends were talking about.   I road tested a procedure called CoolScultping, rumoured to be the solution for many a celebrity to smooth away those troublesome lumps and bumps that exercise won’t budge.

What is it?
CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that involves freezing fat cells.  It does this without damage to any of the nerves or skin as fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissues. The treated fat cells are crystallised and then die. Over the next 8 – 12 weeks your body processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells forever. On average, there is a 20-30% fat reduction in treated areas.

What to Expect
To begin with, a consultation is required to see which parts of your body are eligible for the treatment.  This involves a lovely lady grabbing at your fatty, problem areas.  This highlighted to me how much excess jiggle I really did have to lose.  We decided that my stomach is the best area to treat, and I was ready to say goodbye to the little pooch I’ve had there for most of my life. A few lines with a marker and we’re away.

After being comfortably nestled onto a bed, a big machine with a small hose is positioned over the line on my stomach.  The suction starts and my fat is firmly sucked into the hose, which is a little unpleasant until the cooling begins.  This cooling part is uncomfortable but only lasts a minute, and then the entire area goes numb.  And there you sit for an hour – your numb fat sucked into a machine while you distract yourself with movies and emails. 

When your hour is done, they remove the machine to reveal what can only be described as a pink, frozen stick of fat.  I’m not going to lie, this looked a little gross and should have warned me about what was to come.  Immediately your consultant has to massage your fat stick, and this for me was the most painful part.  The sensation was one of numbness, burning and stinging all at once.  Thankfully, this too was only for a minute.  Each hour-long procedure is then repeated on all of your treatable areas.

What followed were a few weeks of tenderness and swelling across my stomach, accompanied by a dead weight sensation in place of what would have been a slight jiggling of fat. Then all of a sudden the weird sensations of the treated area stopped. And by week 10 – the final result was revealed.

The Results
Joy! It worked.  My pooch is now smooth and I now proudly sport the much coveted flat stomach.  I would recommend it as a great alternative to a surgical procedure such as liposuction.

There are however, a couple of things to take into consideration beforehand:

  • It can be pretty pricey. Anywhere upwards of $800 per area, but this comes down with multiple areas treated.
  • The procedure is lengthy. Expect to wait a few months to see results.
  • There is a bit of discomfort during the procedure and in the following few weeks.  You may have to give fitted clothes and the gym a miss for a while.

From other patients I have chatted to, and from what I am told, everyone’s experience is a little different, as are the results. For me, I’m already planning out my next treatment areas before summer rolls around again!

For more information, chat to the experts at Silkwood Medical: 

Here is an example of what CoolScultping can do:

Check out some more of their amazing before and after photos here.

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